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At the front of a boat,
As you may know
Is the bow.

Touched by the Stars
A girl told her best friend
"I am going to be

Gerry is what he was called by others,
Except for his family.
Relatives either said Gerald or Dad.
A well-loved man was he,

Suppose the parents of three toddlers
Had semi-skilled jobs,
Or were unemployed.
They went on a vacation.

This is a story
About something that happened
When I was nearly four.
It was 1961, in Bangalore.

There's these two blokes, called Lance an Len,
Who happen to be white van men.
Lance once said, 'If I had my way,
When we warn that we are coming,

It happened in the eighties
At Nortel's Dinner-Dance.
When a young lady at my table,
Tried to make me feel a fool.

If someone puts you down,
To make you look small,
They don't do that at all.
They are just seen

Dad: Reading you school reports just the other day
One remark came as a great surprise
I could not believe my eyes!

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At the front of a boat,
As you may know
Is the bow.
Or does it rhyme with now?
Anyhow -
If you hire a boat for a row,
Then when in the middle of the lake,
Into it you throw
The oars:
Those on the shore,
Might say something like,
"What a stupid So-and-so! "
A companion would say
Something worse.
And your row would become a row!

If you commit the sin,
Of putting black rubbish sacks
In your re-cycling wheelie bin:
The refuse collectors
Will refuse to collect
The contents.
You may tear up the note they leave,
Or tear s come to your eyes.
But get it right next time,
Or the bin will be left -
There's no surprise.

If you have a field
That with crops you want to sow.
Don't harness a cow and a sow,
To pull a plough.

It's better to live
'Within your means'
Than overspend, so as
Not to appear mean.
This truth is stark,
If you borrow money from
A loan shark,
They won't leave you alone.

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Peter Vealey 25 July 2020

I really like this poem, with its tight angry rant, laced with an uneasy mixture of acceptance of the human condition and a friendly sadness.

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Who in their right mind would want marriage to be a bed of roses? Rose beds are full of thorns!

Life is too short to iron towels, bedding or underwear.

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