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At the front of a boat,
As you may know
Is the bow.

Touched By The Stars

Touched by the Stars
A girl told her best friend
"I am going to be

Gerald St Clare Hart

Gerry is what he was called by others,
Except for his family.
Relatives either said Gerald or Dad.
A well-loved man was he,

'Meerkats Have More Sense.'

Suppose the parents of three toddlers
Had semi-skilled jobs,
Or were unemployed.
They went on a vacation.


This is a story
About something that happened
When I was nearly four.
It was 1961, in Bangalore.

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15 August 2020

Who in their right mind would want marriage to be a bed of roses? Rose beds are full of thorns!

15 August 2020

Life is too short to iron towels, bedding or underwear.

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Peter Vealey 25 July 2020

I really like this poem, with its tight angry rant, laced with an uneasy mixture of acceptance of the human condition and a friendly sadness.

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