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I am settled in Trivandrum with my family. Working as Accounts Officer.I love poems which are simple and can be cherished as " a moment's monument, and a memorial to the dead and deathless hour" .

I used to write poems from my teen age, most of which I have lost in the long run, except the one about my father's death.That poem is posted with the title" A death" in this site.

In the fast pace of life, I lost my poetic ability and at times I used to mourn the tragic death of poetry in me.

Of late, I feel I am slowly coming back to the world of poetry. I am really enthralled to see so many poets are live in this site and some are kind enough to read and comment my poems, new comer though I am.So a feeling of welcome enwraps me here. Thanks to all loving hearts........

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Unnikrishnan E S 29 September 2016

Ms Girija is a romantic poet par excellence. Her poems, of course, are a little nostalgic when they speak the language of love. And that tinge of nostalgia is what makes them more beautiful.

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The Best Poem Of Girija KSK

A Solitary Rambler………

Sleep is like an enchanting country,
where often I have no entry………..!

Enthralled with its secret treasures,
I loiter long with languid steps,
all along its borders dark!

Passing through me, many do enter,
with ease and placid bliss by far…….
The hunger bitten urchins in filth,
seem lifted by air from the high way they rest!
Within no time, all are swept and merged
into this realm, from where I am expelled!

So forlorn, I ramble day by day,
with failing hope,
and faltering steps,
all along the bewitching realm,
awaiting a hailing note and cheer!


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Girija KSK Popularity

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