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For every When? There is a Why?

For every push, there is a pull

Peace, Peace, Please,
Please, Peace, Please,

There’s something we should do

I’ve lost a full stop,
And I need it for the end
I’ve lost a full stop,
It’s driving me round the bend


What is trust?
Who can we trust?
Can we trust our loved ones?
Can we trust each other?

I feel so tired, I just want to go to bed
I feel so tired, I’ll just curl up here instead
I feel so tired, I just want to go to sleep
I feel so tired, I’m sick of counting sheep

Please come and sit over here
My life’s run it’s course, that’s all
Don’t be sad, and don’t you cry
Life’s been good, I’ve had a ball

What am I thinking of?

The past? A long lost love?

Hello again my thoughtful friend.

I’ve come here to annoy you once again.

Stab me without warning

As your phone clicks away

Do you know what you're fighting for?
Do you think that you're gonna win the war?
Does it hurt when another mother cries?
Collateral damage as her baby dies

Welcome to my world, this is my home
With its ups and downs, agony and ecstasy
Here in my world, where the sane are now insane
It may be different, but we still make time for tea

This is me this is who and what I am
This is me throwing my toys out of the pram
This is me trying so very hard to be better
This is me shaking as I type in this letter

Don't ever hesitate, you'll only get lost
Don't do this, when you want to do that
Don't help me, I can help myself
Don't eat an apple, the Dr. is always away

Is it better to give than to receive?
I'm a thinker, and I now knowingly believe
That I may not be as tolerant as I could
I raise my voice a lot more than I should

The USA has had an election
Let's hope they have made the right selection
We're all flowing in the same direction
There is still time to make a correction

Does anybody out there want to listen to a story?
It's long and short, not very nice, but not too gory.

Just popped in to see if anyone would be here.

Don't know if I have no shame
Blogging about who to blame
Tongue in cheek, it’s all the same
Blogging is a losing game

The bad things that I’ve seen, that are dirty and unclean
The bad things that I’ve done, I just can’t tell you or anyone
The bad things that I’ve said, after having sex in our bed
The bad things that I know, I can never put them on show


I am a writer, just a writer
If you don’t like me, I don’t care
I’m a writer a silly writer
I’ll do my writing anywhere.

Stay with me ’til morning
Just like yesterday
We can have one more night
Then you can walk away

Gordon David Biography

I am a man, that's a good start, and I am a married man with 2 children, one of each (that's a boy and a girl) ages 17(Boy) & 12 (Girl, although she's going on 21) I have been married and lived in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland for over 20 years. I can't work anymore, due to illness and disability, so I have lots of time on my hands, which is why I tried my hand at poetry, simple stuff, but I'm just not that clever to do anything else. I think that I know my limitations, what I can and can not do, hence my poems are simple, but don't you say that.)

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12 Lines

For every When? There is a Why?

For every push, there is a pull

For every truth there is a lie

For every fall there is a fool

For every Where? There is a How?

For every Heaven, there is a Hell

For every moment there is a now

For every nose there is a smell

For every foe there is a friend

For every smile there are many tears

For every start there is an end

When every day we face our fears

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cool 30 October 2021


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Timtoby 10 October 2018


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Magoo 14 January 2018

Awesome poem that is largely a reflection of my life right now as i retreat from my wife to preserve what remains of my sanity

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