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Effie sat propped up in bed, reading
by lamp light, but could not concentrate
on words.She could think only
of Priscilla, her dearest friend,

The Republican and the Democrat
Side by side on the rostrum sat.
'Twas half past six, two thousand eight
And time for another big debate.

She never kept a journal, put her life
on paper for posterity to read,
and all I know of her is she was wife
to great-great grandpa and she shared his need

it. end is now do to thing best the so
it recommend or praise to little There's
salad tossed-poorly a resembles of sort it
ballad; a or haiku, sonnet, a isn't It

All yesterday and half the night
I struggled with a yearly plight
That causes me confusion and despair:
Deciphering instructions

An old dog who was learning to speak
Had to practice for more than a week,
But now he can say,
'Hello' and 'Good day'

I knew that Robert was capable
of belting out the national song
and other tunes that suited him.
Jean swore Meg loved him all along.

'Honey, ' Erma said to Hank, 'Let's go
back to the beach where we first met this year.
No sense in waiting. We could go next month
and summer, too.' 'That soon? asked Hank. 'I hear

If you're past sixty-five
and your thoughts are "old school, "
and you're starting to feel
like a useless old fool,


The whole Pluto problem
is very confusing,
but brings up a question
that I find amusing:

A young fellow while taking a breather
Saw a lass whose attire was beneath her.
He remarked with a frown,
'You look like Helen Brown

Any young married person, of course,
Always has ample grounds for divorce.
You just have to decide
That you're there for the ride.

A ridiculous lady from Trent
Went to sleep every night in a tent.
When the winter wind blew,
Then away the tent flew.

When ancient Greeks devised a map of sky
and chose twelve constellations for their chart
that followed the ecliptic, did they lie
at night on mats, look up, agree to start

"Consult the dictionary
if you cannot spell a word."
A dozen times I've heard
the teacher tell it.

We are following the numbers
as they dominate the news.
The statistics in from China
are enough to give us clues


Grandma did not like yellow.
She never wore a yellow dress nor

The news we hear may not be really news
for some folks claim that much of it is fake.
Reporters, politicians state their views
and stars of sports and movies air their take

Wherever I go at this time of the year
there's one silly question I'm certain to hear
in all kinds of stores, at the hairdresser's shop,
at church, on the street. How I wish it would stop!

How much my soul would miss if I
Could not view these fields, this sky!

White horses stand before a blaze

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When Priscilla Passed

Effie sat propped up in bed, reading
by lamp light, but could not concentrate
on words.She could think only
of Priscilla, her dearest friend,
lying ill six blocks away.
The children were asleep, Jim had gone
to town board meeting, and silence
wrapped the house like a heavy cloak.

Effie looked up to rest her eyes.A man
stood in the doorway to the dining room.
She recognized him at once, although
they had buried him five months before.
It was her father.He said nothing, but
walked into the room, past her bed,
toward the tall west window.A woman
followed him, wearing a shawl that
hid her face.Effie was only a child
when her mother died, could not be sure,
but in her heart she felt it must be her.
Another woman walked behind them -
Priscilla.The three moved silently
across the room, passed without effort
through the window pane and vanished.

When Jim came home, undressed,
reached for the lamp, Effie spoke:
"Leave it on, please."

"Why, Effie, what's the matter? "

"I just want the lamp left on."

Jim studied her face, sighed, put
his arms around her."I wasn't going
to tell you this until morning, but
I think I should.At meeting, word came
that Priscilla died tonight."

Effie leaned her head against his
chest and whispered, "Yes, I know."

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Cowboy Ron Williams 01 March 2022

One of the most overlooked and underappreciated poets on this website. Extreme talent. She has not shared very many poems yet, but here's hoping she will in the future.

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'An ounce of gratitude is worth more than a pound of pride.'

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