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I asked the moon
if you could ever love me.
She did not respond
but just turned kind of green

Friends are most precious, and I've had a few,
And on this website, it's been mostly fun.
Right now I have some other things to do;
Excuse me now, I'll grab my horse and run.

When my great-grandfather,
Ebeneezer Williams was eleven
years old, he was herding a dozen
cattle from one mountain area

Sunset approaching
riding my horse
past the old cemetery
he suddenly stopped short

A youth called Little Jimmy came
to work at the Bar J,
and when that scrawny kid showed up,
we all just thought, 'No way! '

I hold my wife in sweet embrace
and share a tender kiss,
then gently lead her off to bed
for moments of pure bliss.

The frog sat by the peaceful pond
and marveled at the frilly frond
but said nothing.

You're only as old as you feel, they say.
There's truth in that saying, for sure.
I've always had strength to work and to play,
but lately? No, not anymore.

I've had enough of city life;
I had to get away,
so here I am up in the hills
on this November day.

… I am not complete.

Without you, I am like Stan Laurel
without Oliver Hardy,

I almost became a country singer.
My cousin Don invited me
to join him on tour once,
but I was having too much success

I don't know
if I will ever
make it to a hundred.

It's snowing in Durango,
and my thoughts are turning back
to when I stepped into a store
just looking for a snack.

There was a young girl named LeeAnn
who thought she would get a full tan.
She disrobed on the beach
with her clothes within reach

I do not need this website anymore;
I'm going where the members are all kind
and do not throw about insults galore,
and nameless trolls you will not ever find.

I don't believe in fate;
there is no destiny.
You can be weak or great;
be what you want to be.

If there are no horses in Heaven,
then I don't want to go.
That means I'd walk everywhere,
and I walk really slow.

She's never been kissed!
How could I have missed?
No woman can resist my charms.
I'll welcome her into my arms.

What is more cheerful
than an open wood fire
on a star-filled night in the forest?

Sometimes my mind wanders
and I think of random thoughts,
such as:

Cowboy Ron Williams Biography

My name is Ronald G. Williams. I used to be a real cowboy and a rodeo circuit rider. I have finished in the top ten three times in the national finals. I also worked for a little over a year as a lumberjack in Alaska. I was laid off there and didn't have much money, so I stayed in a buddy's cabin while he went back to the lower 48 to visit family, and lived off the land as a mountain man for a little while. I finally got a regular job as a fireman in a large city in Arizona and worked there for more than 22 years until I was forced to retire because of my age. About a month after that, my barber passed away. I had become very good friends with him, and was very surprised when I was informed by his attorney that he had left me his barber shop and all the equipment in his will! He had no close family members. I had no formal training as a barber, so I couldn't charge for my services, but I started giving free haircuts to the homeless men in town. It was something to do to keep me busy. As my skills improved, so did my reputation, and soon so-called homeless men in suits and ties started appearing for free haircuts! The good news is that they gave me generous tips equivalent to more than the cost of a haircut from other barbers in town. Soon I was making more money than I ever had in my life, and all tax free because legally I was just giving free haircuts! Finally I got carpal tunnel in both wrists so severe that I had to give it up. At age 80 I sold the shop, discovered Poem Hunter, and the rest is history. So now I call myself Cowboy Ron Williams. I was a cowboy longer than anything else. I was married for 40 years to the most wonderful woman in the world, but she has been gone for more than two years now and I am lonely. I would consider getting married again if the right woman came along, but there are few who want to marry an octogenarian. Would it help if I told them that I have more money than I can figure out how to spend? Oh, the life of a cowboy is hard; I don't have just a tiny back yard. My grass does love to grow, so when it's time to mow, I enlist the good help of my pard. By the way, the B.S. that I have listed for Education does not stand for Bachelor of Science. Instead, it refers to something sloppy and completely bovine.)

The Best Poem Of Cowboy Ron Williams

Could You Love Me?

I asked the moon
if you could ever love me.
She did not respond
but just turned kind of green
and gave me a cheesy look.

I asked the stars
if our love was in the cards
and their only reply
was a twinkle in their eyes.

I asked the wind
if your love I'd ever win
and what she had to say
just blew me away.

My quest had just begun
when I turned to the sun,
but it became so hot
that my question I forgot.

What was I talking about?

Oh, yes! It seems that I love you.
Could you possibly love me, too?

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Dear Poet Cowboy Ron Williams, thank you for following my poems on PoemHunter. I would look forward to your valuable comments on my poems. Thank you.

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It's just Smoky Hoss and me. We seem to be the only cowboys left. Saddle up and meet me at the north pasture, Smoky. This website has mostly died. Let's ride off and find us a better one.

Looked up the word 'geezer' in the dictionary. They had my picture in there!

It takes a lot of balls to enjoy a feast of Rocky Mountain oysters.

Bad breath is better than no breath at all.

My hair is starting to get thin, but who wants fat hair, anyway?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an onion a day keeps EVERYBODY away!

I may not always walk a straight and narrow line, but I try to cross it as often as possible!

The older and skinnier I get, the more I appreciate global warming!

Just so that everyone is clear, I'm going to put on my glasses.

Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. (Will Rogers)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with running back into the house for something you forgot.

I just heard about something called intermittent fasting. Isn't that the period of time between lunch and dinner?

i before e except after c, and also when you heinously seize your feisty foreign neighbor's conceited beige weird heifer from the ceiling.

Without a reader the poem is dead, stillborn and lifeless —buried unread (Kurt Philip Behm)

I'm so insignificant, I don't even get junk mail anymore. Everybody must think I'm already dead.

Sometimes life teaches us things we didn't think we wanted to know.

I used to play 'Kick the Can' when I was a kid. Now I just try not to kick the bucket.

The older I get, the more I regret all the people I've lost over the years. Maybe being a trail guide wasn't such a great idea after all.

Dreams don't work... unless YOU do!

I'm fat, but identify as slim. I'm trans-slender.

You NEVER get too old to learn something new!

Everybody is good for something. If nothing else, you can always serve as a bad example.

Psychiatrists tell us that one out of every four people is mentally ill. Check your three best friends. If they seem all right, then you're the one.

The rotation of the earth really makes my day.

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Cowboy Ron Williams Popularity

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