Aged Each Time I Go Looking Poem by gregory collins

Aged Each Time I Go Looking

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To be afraid of death is bad luck to me, a fear
i expect no justice or mercy from. The fact that

my soul has twisted so much, i think the
roots are invading the darkness of light. The fact

that the earth can't even keep our tears warm
for very long. Now i do not think i will be thrown

to the bottom of Hell, bearing the odors of being
held in the world's vice: Remaining long enough

to look and read oblivion's face. I mean i hope at
least something will grow next to my grave, like

an immortelle or a branch of forsythia, and that
would be incredibly simple; Like heaven answering.

Original Unknown Girl 30 April 2009

Gosh that's gorgeous. I like how your mind works, the way nature weaves itself into your words and tiny tendrils of words hang from the most profound statements. Beautiful work. HG: -) xx

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Goldy Locks 16 October 2008

i love it. Stunning & reflective. i like to think maybe i inspired it? ~~ sjg

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gregory collins

gregory collins

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