Angel Of Darkness Poem by Guadalupe martinez

Angel Of Darkness

I will never forget the pain
you broke my heart and step on it like if it was nothing
I used to smile to life
used to believed in love
you made this out of me
Angel of Darkness
Cryin in my dark room
everything was darkness
pain didn't want to go away
I felt pain, but I couldn't hate you
despiced my self for lovig you the much
Angel Of Darkness
Angel of pain
Angel of madness
You are just one more peace of my heart
Angel of darkness
take me at your side
take my heart from me not to love ever again
despiced the taste of pain
despaced the darkness of my pain
forgive me for my madness
but take my darkness to your world...


loved your creativity. But I seconnd what Mugano said. do not get sucked into the darkness. it is hard to get out. Rea dmy poem, I saw God

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Mugano Paul 10 December 2008

Venus McHeart in the Light Herewith is light right behind it it the Creator of light hold in so tight do you see the light? get into the light your sight is all cleared you are spared to be fed on the bread of life He told me He loves you That's why He gave it all He did it all For you He lives among us He lives in us His name is Jesus He has parked at John Three Sixteen He is the light of this world **To you with love. Never hurt again even when your smeared with hate.** FROM: +++ paul mugano

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Ryan Thompson 18 November 2008

forgivness is something u can only give your self :)

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