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I watched you
drift away
out of sight
as I moved off

Yes I can still see you
in the doorway of your little house
the evening sunshine
behind your welcoming smile

Although the days' length extends
your days grow shorter
although manfully battling on
the fatigue creeps closer


It's quiet
this Saturday
the wind rustles
through the branches


Rolling ashore

The great open skies
opened up each morning
whether to sunshine
or to teeming rain

As daylight fades
from Henneth Annun,
the Window of the West,

Those who went on ahead
are around me tonight
I feel their presence
I feel their soul

Stumbling through darkness
your voice guides me
towards the door
leading into light

It pains me to watch
as you move down
the path of years
rock strewn as it is

My mind crosses south
beyond the confines
of the arboreal
pale light


My thoughts drift south
to the old cottage
on the lonely moor
where the owls yet swoop

Five months have passed
Six years have passed
As spring springs
and the light widens

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Looking Back 15 Years

I watched you
drift away
out of sight
as I moved off

I was not to know
as the train
gathered speed
that we'd not meet again

As I drifted off
the mist gathered further
as it had done
for some time till then

I did not see
until 't was
too late

Five years passed
and I alighted
onto the same
station platform

You were not there
your prediction,
unheard by me,
had come true

You remain with me
you're part of me
always there

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