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Gwen Harwood AO, née Gwendoline Nessie Foster, was an Australian poet and librettist. Gwen Harwood is regarded as one of Australia's finest poets, publishing over 420 works, including 386 poems and 13 librettos. She won numerous poetry awards and prizes. Her work is commonly studied in schools and university courses.

Gwen Harwood is the mother ...

Gwen Harwood Poems

In The Park

She sits in the park. Her clothes are out of date.
Two children whine and bicker, tug her skirt.
A third draws aimless patterns in the dirt
Someone she loved once passed by – too late

Barn Owl

Daybreak: the household slept.
I rose, blessed by the sun.
A horny fiend, I crept
out with my father's gun.


So the light falls, and so it fell
on branched leaved with flocking birds.
Loght stole a citys weight to swell
the coloured lofe of stone. Your words

Last Meeting

Shadows grazing eastward melt
from their vast sun-driven flocks
into consubstantial dusk.
A snow wind flosses the bleak rocks,

The Wound

The tenth day, and they give
my mirror back. Who knows
how to drink pain, and live?
I look, and the glass shows

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cuckk 02 December 2019

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SJkkk 02 September 2018

Likely something went wrong when Gwen Harwood was born. She ranks at the top among humans with remarkably low intelligence. Her writing is revolting as her poety is nothing but the ramblings of a crazy senile individual.

13 17 Reply
Minecraft Mike 19 March 2018

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22 7 Reply
Nick Compton 19 March 2018

Thise pooet bee Litty but mi collar allways stai poppin! Englande wil always bee mi citi

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huehue 07 September 2021


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your mum 20 May 2021


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none ya 26 August 2021

ur mum cringe

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Josh Emms FC 17 February 2021

Little boys

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Josh Emms FC 17 February 2021

This poem makes me want to delete my youtube channel! This has ruined my love for poetry permanently, the Christmas giveaway is OVER! 'ROY'

1 1 Reply
Benjamin Toohey 17 February 2021


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