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Walking in the bush
on the red earth
wrapped in a red blanket
the Masai Warrior is at peace

It's late
but I see them now -

Dylan -

The poetry is like tea.
I serve it strong
or weak;
as you like.

By candle-light
moon-visaged and sedulous
in a deserted scriptorium
amid the dusty scrolls

Boys, who can barely write, kneel
deep down, miles out to sea beneath
black-ribbed sands, before
the coal-face and pneumoconiosis.

Sunday in Wales
and small white clouds are drifting over
the bleating sheep grazed on the hills
like prayers on the way to heaven.

I guess that was buk's last job
honkin' them over
the harbor freeway
crossin' them over

What say you my reader there
under this electric air
that sings between us
and carries my immortal words

A monster has appeared
in the woods
a mechanical bird
the yellow crane

Who speaks for the schizophrenics;
those poor creatures inhabiting
the shadowy world between reality
and unreality roaming the cream

Old man
fringed now in your blue land
long under the sea's spell
stubborn in your old stone house

I barracked my soldiers in
A Quality Street tin
And every so often I took them out
And on the floor I marched them about.

There are long
heatwave days
when nothing happens.

Ahmad Nadalian
Citizen of Poloor
And its fishless rivers,
Carver of the fish


We seem to
getting there -
slowly and surely.

Mother died quietly
at peace and in bed long before
the four children were born.

Old fox, hard as nails,
thin, arthritic, rheumatic,
septic eruptions on sore feet,
keen nose and sorry bag of effluvium and entrails

Tommy came through snow and ice
one morning recently to place a mouse
upon the step - I think it was for me -

Cutting summer grass
Egger-Lienz peasants
with long curved blades of
steel flashing fresh


It's Fall
and from the north
come waves of carrion crows,
jet black

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poetry published in iota, pulsar, poetry salzburg, ink-sweat-and-tears, the recusant, poetry monthly, bank street writers and various forward press imprints and elsewhere, jbwb poetry and short story competition winner (3+ times) , Poets Against War Poem of the Month, etc., etc.. My poetry blog is at (a Poetry Kit selected site) .)

The Best Poem Of Gwilym Williams

Masai Warrior

Walking in the bush
on the red earth
wrapped in a red blanket
the Masai Warrior is at peace
with nature;
high forehead,
proud happy strong,
smile like a sunrise,
many wives and laughing children.

Behind him run messengers
with bulging eyes -
full of holy books and good advice.

The new road
will soon be rolled out
like the extensile tongue of the chameleon
to thunder
with jeeps and trucks
bringing -
cattle ranchers
ostrich farmers
genetic-crop growers
a shanty town
with fast food
a bar
and a gas station.

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p.a. noushad 20 December 2008

your poems touch my heart

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