Stone Angel Poem by Hades Pandemonium

Stone Angel

Rating: 5.0

If an angel's made of stone
Doesn't mean her heart is too.
She sits so utterly alone
Upon a dilapidated tomb.

Her gentle face is looking up
And pleading towards heaven:
'Let me breathe life once again.
Release me from my solid prison.'

Continuously she prays in vain,
This miserable being,
Tomorrow's cycle starts again,
Time passes without meaning.

One very dark, but starry night
A shadowed creature, just as black,
Joined the angel, uninvited,
He sat behind her back to back.

He was a figure not of stone,
But nor was he of flesh and bone.

His body hunched and head in hands,
His pain, the angel understands.

He sits upon a grave and weeps,
Fouly cursing god,
From the indelible ignominy
He underwent above.

These solemn figures, deep in thought,
Unconsiously console eachother.
A mournful atmosphere aloft,
They sit leaned up, one to another...

Sathyanarayana M V S 05 October 2008

Poem is so wonderful...But I ould not make out who are the angel and the other person. Can u please explain....i LOVE THIS KIND OF ARCANE WRITINGS.....10

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 05 October 2008

An angelic touch........exhaling air comfort to intense atmosphere..........neutralises sinners and....symphatisers alike.great piece from have the awesome touch! ! !

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Indira Renganathan 05 October 2008

Very touching.. and a good flow of language..good poem

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Tai Chi Italy 05 October 2008

And such a comfort they are to eachother, I loved the image of them back to back! An enchanting read, Love your name too....All the best to you, Tai

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Rudy Rico Castillo 05 October 2008

nice, luv it. stone angel huh? ? ......

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