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People hate school.
This is a fact.
Why do you think?

Life is a card game,
with aces and jokers.
the game is called life,
its sorta like poker.

that first kiss,
that tingley feeling,
zinging through me,
under my skin.

She spoke,
but her words disintegrated.
carried away,
taken by the wind.

They called her emo,
they called her names.
They were cruel,
they blocked the suns rays.

as i'm slowly dying,
nobody knows it but me.
as i'm slowly dying,
i've never felt so free.

It hurts,
That spot in your chest.
Where memories lie,
And your heart used to rest.

a smile on the heart,
a smile on the face.
a smile on my hand,
settles into place.

The look in his eyes, as they met mine,
The caress of his fingers, moving through my hair,
The softness of his touch, as our hands intertwined,
the sincerity of his voice, i know he’ll always care,

Once upon a time,
I thought you were flawless.
Once upon a time,
I was fairly clueless.

Are you there?
This place is dark and cold,
and i'm getting really scared.

It hurts and you dont see it,
this girl is far beyond those quick fixes.
sitting and staring at the wall,
if she stands up to her knees she will fall.

she tried to tell you... but you wouldn’t listen.
And now you sit here and cry those tears that will scar your pride forever.
With one swipe of your hand the tears are gone,
and lying to yourself,

I looked at you,
That was my mistake.
I talked to you,
That was my second mistake.

you confuse me,
so much.
i'm either flying or crushed.

Having shed rivers in my life,
I can’t stand the salt water,
I hate the tears,
But the stream won’t falter.

There was once a girl,
lonely and sad.
Her life wasn't fun,
it was bad.

you left me there,
in the dark.
you left me there,
bruised and marked.

I’m done with these mind games.
Your hot& cold,
And baby it’s getting old.
I love you,

I soar through the air,
the wind in my hair.
The birds in the trees,
they sing to me.

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i'm hailey and i'm 14, and i love writing. especially poetry.some of my poems are just random, some of them aren't even about me. but some of them really came from the heart, so hope you enjoy them :))

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School Sucks

People hate school.
This is a fact.
Why do you think?
By graduation,
You need a shrink.
Teachers lecture you,
Teachers yell at you,
People hate you,
What can you do?
Teachers get in your face,
Teachers enjoy your suffering,
They tell you what to do,
They think they own you.
Kids hate you,
They call you names,
They say hurtful things,
They make minutes feel like days.
There is no escape.
You sit in a desk,
Cramped and uncomforatable,
Waiting for the time to pass.
Bored out of your mind,
You’re going insane.
You start to fidget,
Play games and complain.
School is lame.
You watch the clock,
Tick tock, tick tock.
Does this never end?
You pull out your phone and text,
It makes a sound when you hit send.
Sitting in the principals office,
No phone, no fun,
Waiting to be treated like a kid.
They wonder why we hate school.
School is no fun,
School should be overruled.
Waiting for the weekend,
Wearing the next trend,
Excluded all the time,
Can’t get away fast enough,
3: 10, this is the end.

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Mckenna Levitt 28 June 2009

hey hailey, dude i dont know how to use this site xP please help me lol -mckennaElsie

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