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i'm hailey and i'm 14, and i love writing. especially poetry.some of my poems are just random, some of them aren't even about me. but some of them really came from the heart, so hope you enjoy them :)

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School Sucks

People hate school.
This is a fact.
Why do you think?

Life Is A Card Game

Life is a card game,
with aces and jokers.
the game is called life,
its sorta like poker.

Every Time You Kiss Me

that first kiss,
that tingley feeling,
zinging through me,
under my skin.

Invisible Girl

She spoke,
but her words disintegrated.
carried away,
taken by the wind.

They Called Her Emo

They called her emo,
they called her names.
They were cruel,
they blocked the suns rays.

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Mckenna Levitt 28 June 2009

hey hailey, dude i dont know how to use this site xP please help me lol -mckennaElsie

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