Hannah Flagg Gould Poems

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The Frost

The Frost looked forth, one still, clear night,
And he said, 'Now I shall be out of sight;
So through the valley and over the height

A Name In The Sand

ALONE I walked the ocean strand;
A pearly shell was in my hand:
I stooped and wrote upon the sand
My name—the year—the day.

The Black At Church

God, is thy throne accessible to me-
Me of the Ethiop skin? May I draw near
Thy sacred shrine, and humbly bend the knee,

The Crocus's Soliloquy

Down in my solitude under the snow,
Where nothing cheering can reach me;
Here, without light to see how to grow,

The Voice Of The Eagle

Lady, the fairest flowers the morn disclosed
Are glowing on thy bosom; while within,
Thousands of clustering joys are still in bud:

The Scar Of Lexington

With cherub smile, the prattling boy,
Who on the veteran's breast reclines,
Has thrown aside his favorite toy,
And round his tender finger twines

The Slave Mother’s Prayer

O Thou, who hear'st the feeblest prayer,
The humblest heart dost see,
Upon the chilly midnight air
I pour my soul to thee!

Address To The Automaton Chess Player

Of deep research and cogitation,
Of many a head and many a nation,
While all in vain

Sunrise To The Slave

Sun, from thy bed in the sea,
Each morning I see thee arise;
But what is thy glory to me,
Whose days are but measured by sighs?

Who Is My Neighbor?

Who is thy neighbour!-see him stand,
With sunken cheek and eye,
Where hunger shows the empty hand
Thy bounty can supply!

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