Hannah Roberts Poems

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I Thought You Were The One

I thought you were the one for me
I thought you were the man
but now i see that i was wrong
while here along i stand


Did you notice that I was afraid
that i would run out of words to say
2 more hours till today burns away
yet i still can't think of a way for you to stay

Old Times

This Poem is dedicated to my Dad.

Old Times

Through With You

Through with you

Life used to be so simple
‘Till I wandered up to you


i rub the blade across my wrist
my hand is clenched up in a fist
i wish that i could ease the pain
instead of acting so insane

Not Today

what's up with this depression thing
what makes me feel this way
why do i want to kill myself
almost every day

Everything To Me

what would i do without you
you've helped me through it all
you grab my hand and pull me up
every time i fall