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1. Weather Forecast 12/29/2015
2. Death May Be Ageing 12/29/2015
3. To My Wife 12/29/2015
4. Meeting 12/29/2015
5. After Lunch 12/29/2015
6. Ghost 12/29/2015
7. God 12/29/2015
8. Poem 12/29/2015
9. It Is Here 12/29/2015
10. He 12/29/2015
11. Romantic Ireland 12/29/2015
12. The Islands of Aran Seen from the Moher Cliffs 12/29/2015
13. Cancer Cells 10/16/2015
14. The Old Days 12/29/2015
15. The Bombs 12/29/2015
16. Laughter 12/29/2015
17. Lust 12/29/2015
18. God Bless America 12/29/2015
19. Paris 1/14/2014
20. I Saw Len Hutton In His Prime... 1/13/2003
21. The Ventriloquists 1/13/2003
22. I know the place 12/29/2015
23. Don'T Look... 1/13/2003
24. Restaurant 1/13/2003
25. Message 1/13/2003
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Jill. Fred phoned. He can't make tonight.
He said he'd call again, as soon as poss.
I said (on your behalf) OK, no sweat.
He said to tell you he was fine,
Only the crap, he said, you know, it sticks,
The crap you have to fight.
You're sometimes nothing but a walking shithouse.

I was well acquainted with the pong myself,
I told him, and I counselled calm.
Don't let the fuckers get you down,
Take the lid off the kettle a couple of minutes,
Go on the town, burn someone to death,
Find another tart, giver her some hammer,
Live while you're young, until it ...

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No, you're wrong.

Everyone is as beautiful
as they can possibly be

Particularly at lunch
in a laughing restaurant

Everyone is as beautiful
as they can possibly be

And they are moved
by their own beauty

And they shed tears for it
in the back of the taxi home

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