heather sweeting

Rookie - 10 Points (1939 / Thornton Heath)

heather sweeting Poems

1. At The Turn Of The Tide... 9/15/2012
2. Jack 9/16/2012
3. Going On 9/16/2012
4. Bramblepatch The Cat 9/20/2012
5. Dhara Rapsanjani 9/28/2012
6. Protected... 10/2/2012
7. Almost Gone... 10/17/2012
8. The Cave 5/1/2013
9. Fit For All 6/5/2013
10. The Silver Trees 6/6/2013
11. The Battle Of 'sayno Moor'! 6/12/2013
12. Funny Business! 6/5/2013
13. Wilberforce... 8/26/2013
14. River Of Life 9/1/2013
15. Never The Same... 9/7/2012
16. Go For It! 9/11/2012
17. A Nice Pub Lunch! 9/13/2012
18. Jimmy 9/3/2013
19. Lost But Not Forgotten... 1/25/2014
20. Growing Old 10/25/2014
21. A Grandchild's Kiss 9/13/2012
22. Bees 8/31/2013
23. Spring 4/2/2013
24. Social Mobility 9/11/2012
25. Something Moved 9/7/2012
Best Poem of heather sweeting

Something Moved

The crack of a twig, the twitch of a tail,
Something moved on the jungle trail.
Crickets chirped in the warm night air,
And all the time, something else was there.
Moonbeams played on a tawny back,
Well hidden on that jungle track.
A man walked watchfully along the path,
In one hand a rifle in the other his staff.
Eyes looked around unblinking and bright,
And something moved in the shadows that night.
A hovering paw, a lithe silhouette,
To leap..To strike? Not yet, not yet...
The man, sensing movement, froze then turned,
Two amber eyes in the ...

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Social Mobility

Social mobility, all in all is a laudable aspiration,
But is it 'up' from being 'down' or 'sideways' in any direction?
And who decides where 'up' is - by what measure, compass or scale?
Your zenith may be my nadir, your dross my Holy Grail!

Sons of Lords end up in the courts after showing unusual behaviour
in a local park, frequented by those of a distinctly different order.
There, Latin conjugations' take on meanings not learnt in school,
And a privileged childhood holds no sway w

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