Francis Duggan Heaven Poems

Heaven On Earth

Heaven on Earth is for the privileged few
That's something quite well known not anything new
And millions are living in their Earthly Hell
With only sad stories of their lives to tell

A Heaven Without Fauna

'Tis said that only humans have been blessed with a soul
And we refer to them as dumb creatures the dog and bird and cat and foal
But heaven without birds, fish, insects and animals would seem a lonely place
No young lambs in the Springtime in sunlit fields to sport and race.

Up There In Horses Heaven

Up there in Horses Heaven the chill winds never blow
And nights are warm and much sunshine and lush the grasses grow
And Cheree the shetland pony the good life now enjoy
Up there in horses heaven somewhere beyond the sky.

Hell, Heaven And Purgatory

As a young schoolgoing boy I learnt of hell and heaven
The bad doomed to hell the good to heaven go
But now a little with four decades later
I question how could anybody know? .

You Take The Road To Heaven

You take the road to heaven for me it's the road to hell
And if there's a life hereafter forever I will dwell
With Satan and his angels I mentioned the word if
Or at the onset of rigor mortis do the soul too go stiff? .

From The Heaven You Are Near To

To get closer to your God you embrace poverty
And you thank him in your hymns and prayers for your humanity
And with your kin in your house of worship on the sabbath to him you kneel and pray
From the heaven you are near to I seem so far away.

If Heaven Exists

If to any other you've never done wrong
To a religious institution why should you belong
If God is as good and as wise as they say
I'm sure that he will judge you in a fair way

The Only Heaven I Do Know Of

I do not believe on an afterlife heaven since the heaven i know it is all around me
Every day on my walks in Nature such amazing beauty i do see
The white butterflies they are dancing above the flower beds and the sunlit trees
On a beautiful sunny day in late November with only a slight southerly breeze

If There Is A Heaven

If there is a Heaven far distant from here
I'm sure the God there does enjoy dancing and laughter and his pot of cheer
For Heaven is supposed to be a kingdom of bliss
A Universal World of eternal joy and happiness.

There Must Be A Butterfly Heaven

There must be a butterfly heaven for butterflies are free of sin
And the keeper of the gates of heaven will allow them for to enter in
For to flit through the gardens of heaven and to dance in the sun and the wind
There must be a butterfly heaven if there is one for the human kind.

Why Should I Wish For Heaven

The magpie on the gum tree pipes his melodious air
And the great beauty of Nature surrounds me everywhere
The nearest place to utopia of i will ever know
My love for Mother Nature it only seems to grow,

If There Is A Heaven For Good Souls

If there is a Heaven for good souls then my soul is destined for Hell
As my punishment for penning reams of doggerel
But i know that the souls of many famous people there i will meet
Who for fame as per usual with each other compete

For Their Spot In Heaven

That some people have strange religious beliefs one cannot deny
People kill other people for their god in the sky
For their spot in heaven when their body does die
Moses fifth commandment to them is a lie

There Is Plenty Of Room In Heaven

There is plenty of room in Heaven where winged angels dwell
But things are very different in Satan's World in Hell
It is vastly overcrowded and conditions there are bad
But for the souls of deceased sinners I cannot say I feel sad

There Is An Earthly Heaven And Hell

Can't say of an afterlife hell or heaven but there is an Earthly heaven and hell
Whilst many are homeless and hungry some for themselves doing well
And some are very wealthy and getting wealthier by the day
And a huge gap between the haves and have nots it has always been this way

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