Heinrich Heine Poems

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A Palm-Tree

A single fir-tree, lonely,
on a northern mountain height,
sleeps in a white blanket,
draped in snow and ice.


Our death is in the cool of night,
our life is in the pool of day.
The darkness glows, I’m drowning,
the day has tired me with light.

Death And His Brother Sleep (‘morphine’)

There’s a mirror likeness between those two
shining, youthfully-fledged figures, though
one seems paler than the other and more austere,
I might even say more perfect, more distinguished,

From 'To Seraphime'

Through the wood when I am wandering
In the dusky eventide,
Goes a dainty form in silence

I Love This White And Slender Body

I Love this white and slender body,
These limbs that answer Love's caresses,
Passionate eyes, and forehead covered

Ich Weiss Nicht, Was Soll Es Bedeuten

I don’t know what it could mean,
Or why I’m so sad: I find,
A fairy-tale, from times unseen,
Won’t vanish from my mind.

E'En As A Lovely Flower

E'en as a lovely flower,
So fair, so pure thou art;
I gaze on thee, and sadness
Comes stealing o'er my heart.

Ich Kann Es Nicht Vergessen

I can’t forget I had you,
Dear woman, sweet to hold,
That I once possessed you,
Your body, and your soul.

The Asra

Every day so lovely, shining,
up and down, the Sultan’s daughter
walked at evening by the water,
where the white fountain splashes.


Am blassen Meeresstrande
Saß ich gedankenbekümmert und einsam.
Die Sonne neigte sich tiefer, und warf
Glührote Streifen auf das Wasser,

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