Heinrich Hoffmann

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Rating: 4.67

Heinrich Hoffmann Poems

The Story Of Johnny Head-In-Air

As he trudged along to school,
It was always Johnny's rule
To be looking at the sky

Shock-Headed Peter

Just look at him! there he stands,
With his nasty hair and hands.
See! his nails are never cut;
They are grimed as black as soot;

The Story Of The Inky Boys

As he had often done before,
The woolly-headed Black-a-moor
One nice fine summer's day went out
To see the shops, and walk about;

Cruel Frederick

Here is cruel Frederick, see!
A horrid wicked boy was he;
He caught the flies, poor little things,
And then tore off their tiny wings,

The Story Of Romping Polly

'I pray you now, my little child,'
Thus once a kind old lady
Spoke to her niece in accents mild,
'Do try to be more steady.

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falak bhatia 16 July 2020

i study in 5b and i have a chapter flying robert in my english content book

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Pratibha 20 August 2018

Very nice poem

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Heinrich Hoffmann Biography

Heinrich Hoffmann was a German psychiatrist, who also wrote some short works including Der Struwwelpeter, an illustrated book portraying children misbehaving.

Early Life and Education

Hoffmann was born in Frankfurt on Main to an architect father, Philipp Hoffmann, who was responsible for the city's streets and waterways. Hoffmann's mot ...

Heinrich Hoffmann Popularity