The Garden Poem by hema thasapalan

The Garden

There is a garden
Full of beautiful blooms
Of peace, love, joy and happiness,
Where the sun smiles down
Its blessing,
And birds and little insects
Make it their eternal haven
But…before it was in this glory
Long before it had the help,
And tender loving toil,
Of a gardener,
It was a forlorn and forsaken place
Forlorn, because of the weeds;
it became a land of waste and ignorance
the weeds that overgrew and overwhelmed;
weeds of hatred, jealousy and anger
Forsaken, for nobody to help remove them
The Gardener toiled endlessly
With love, faith and gentleness
The seedlings that lies dormant
Within the fertile soil
Grew and flourished
To their utmost potential
And now the garden blossoms
So much with grandeur,
The birds sing with joy
And even the wayward wind
In all its mischievous temperament
Blows sweetly and reverently
When passing through…
Swamiji, we’re all the seedlings in that garden
And you are the gardener
Though, there may not be much weeds;
Visible now in this garden,
It still lurks within,
With you able guidance, love and grace
We can all stifle
The growth of the weeds
And let the beautiful blooms of ourselves grow and shine

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