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Eternal sunshine brightly
rises over the east
Rays of daylight slowly
embrace cold decaying mist

I never wished to be
a lonely sparrow
that lives in a luxurious
golden cage

Rosy amber sun rises beyond
high hazy blue mountains
Early morning dew drops
moisten manicured gardens

Birds twittering sweet melodies in the morning
Fragrance of a rain spreading in the gentle breeze
Rustling leaves in a forest of trees
Leash of foxes running free to the wild

Melodies of romance harmonize
with aquamarine ocean
Constant waves gently touch
golden sandy beaches

Candles of faith dazzling
through the nights
Fumes of aroma awake
all existing senses

Mighty oceans of darkness
slowly flow
Shiny pearls like stars
brightly glow

Paradise in the middle
of a deep blue ocean
Bordered by beautiful
golden sandy beaches

As bright electric lights
slowly faded away
Flames of burning candles
made a splendid array

White frozen mountain tops
beautifully glisten
Elegantly reflect glamour
right up to the heaven

Moonlight falls over
the mountains
Coolness spreads
throughout the air

The Best Poem Of Hemakumar Nanayakkara

Beginning Of Spring

Eternal sunshine brightly
rises over the east
Rays of daylight slowly
embrace cold decaying mist
Days eventually become
longer, warmer and brighter
Mournful winter quietly
disapears soon thereafter

Sunlight passionately touches
the humid grounds
Dew drops elegantly glisten
like precious diamonds
Songbirds chirp sweet
melodious morning tunes
Snowdrops dangle dancing
in gentle breezes

Daffodils germinate
penetrating roots enter deep
Huge, naked trees calmly wakeup
after a long winter sleep
Rushes on twigs appear with
young shoots and leaves
Beginning of spring is
the auspicious birth of new lives...

Copyright(c) Hemakumar Nanayakkara

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Devika Nair 04 May 2008

What a nice poem is yours, Hemakumar. I'm jelous to you.I recommand yo to read poems written by Akhil H kumar. I'm sure you would enjoy it

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Hemakumar Nanayakkara Popularity

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