Henry Lawson

(17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922 / Grenfell, New South Wales)

Henry Lawson Poems

41. The Unknown God 3/27/2010
42. The Leader And The Bad Girl 3/26/2010
43. The Lady Of The Motor Car 3/26/2010
44. The Hymn Of The Socialists 3/26/2010
45. The Imported Servant 3/26/2010
46. The King (Ii) 3/26/2010
47. The Fairy West 3/26/2010
48. The God-Forgotten Election 3/26/2010
49. The Good Samaritan 3/26/2010
50. The Green-Hand Rouseabout 3/26/2010
51. The Lily Of St Leonards 3/26/2010
52. The Little Czar 3/26/2010
53. The Little Native Rose 3/26/2010
54. The Little Slit In The Tail 3/26/2010
55. The Men Who Live It Down 3/26/2010
56. The Mountain Splitter 3/26/2010
57. The Battling Days 3/26/2010
58. The Bill Of The Ages 3/26/2010
59. The Briny Grave 3/26/2010
60. The Bulletin Hotel 3/26/2010
61. The Bursting Of The Boom 3/26/2010
62. The Bush Beyond The Range 3/26/2010
63. The Cab Lamps 3/26/2010
64. The Captains 3/26/2010
65. The Country Girl 3/26/2010
66. The Drums Of Ages 3/26/2010
67. The Firing-Line 3/26/2010
68. The Foreign Drunk 3/26/2010
69. The Friends Of Fallen Fortunes 3/26/2010
70. The Gathering Of The Brown-Eyed 3/26/2010
71. The Gentlemen Of Dickens 3/26/2010
72. When The Duke Of Clarence Died 3/27/2010
73. With Dickens 3/27/2010
74. The Flag Of Our Destinies 3/29/2010
75. The Soldier Birds 3/29/2010
76. That Great Waiting Silence 3/26/2010
77. The Alleys 3/26/2010
78. The Ballad Of The Elder Son 3/26/2010
79. The New Chum Jackeroo 3/29/2010
80. The Boss Over The Board 3/26/2010

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Best Poem of Henry Lawson

Faces In The Street

They lie, the men who tell us in a loud decisive tone
That want is here a stranger, and that misery's unknown;
For where the nearest suburb and the city proper meet
My window-sill is level with the faces in the street --
Drifting past, drifting past,
To the beat of weary feet --
While I sorrow for the owners of those faces in the street.

And cause I have to sorrow, in a land so young and fair,
To see upon those faces stamped the marks of Want and Care;
I look in vain for traces of the fresh and fair and sweet
In sallow, sunken faces that...

Read the full of Faces In The Street

At The Beating Of A Drum

Fear ye not the stormy future, for the Battle Hymn is strong,
And the armies of Australia shall not march without a song;
The glorious words and music of Australia's song shall come
When her true hearts rush together at the beating of a drum.

We may not be there to hear it – 'twill be written in the night,
And Australia's foes shall fear it in the hour before the fight.
The glorious words and music from a lonely heart shall come
When our sons shall rush to danger at the beating o

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