Hibo Abdirahman Poems

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Get Up

Get up
Get up
higher than that
Because the world needs you now more than ever

I Wish

Life is nothing if you're not smiling
I feel like writing about so many things
With the urge burning deep down inside me
So strong like the bond between a mother


The same story is not going to happen again
The same lies you are not going to tell me again
The same feelings are not going to be there again
The same stories we are not going to share again

A Creation

I am a creation
A bud of lessons
Learned the hard way
But still pondering the message


It doesn't matter who made you cry
All that matters is who made you laugh last
It doesn't matter who left you on the street
All that matters is who was there to pick you up


Did you ever imagine what is was like to be a woman?
What do you know about the pain of being a mother?
Waking up everyday trying to make her child's life better
It's a woman that looked after you

With You

Drip drip i could hear the sound of the rain
Boom boom that was the beating of my heart
Thinking over and over again how lucky i am
To have you in my life


I reset my mind and body
Promising myself never to be hurt again
But then he smiles and it melts my heart
STOP! STOP! looking i tell myself

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