'Love' Poem by Hibo Abdirahman


I reset my mind and body
Promising myself never to be hurt again
But then he smiles and it melts my heart
STOP! STOP! looking i tell myself
But his eyes ow! his eyes make my head spin
Its stupid how you can love someone
Yet they hurt you over and over again
Its stupid how he is the most important thing in my life
Yet am just 'that girl'to him
Its stupid how i keep on smiling while thinking
what he told and ignoring the hot tears running down my cheeks
You see they say love is sweet i wonder why does mine hurts? !
Why can't he notice the trembling in my voice when i talk to him
How his little stupid jokes light up my day
How the little things he does for me makes want to fly
why can he not UNDERSTAND? ! ! !
'love' 'love' 'love'
I will stay and stick by you forever they say
I won't ever hurt you they say
But in the end its never the same
So here i am standing tall
Making a promise to my wounded heart
That love was nothing but a lesson and a sweet pain

Nasra Omar 29 January 2014

The Poet Must Been Lover Hahhaha

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