I Wish Poem by Hibo Abdirahman

I Wish

Life is nothing if you're not smiling
I feel like writing about so many things
With the urge burning deep down inside me
So strong like the bond between a mother
And her first born baby
I sit sometimes imaging in my head
How beautiful can the rising of the sun be
With its yellow sparks that glows like gold
You see i look to my left side all
I see is husbands beating up their wives
When she complains
They say be patient we all went through it
So i wonder sometimes when will
Culture be based on humanity
I see mothers forcing their daughter
Into prostitution and the guilt in their eyes
Makes their face so dark that is loses its beauty
I see boys killing each other for no damn reason
But 'its cool to be afraid of'
Then i look to my right side with tears in my eyes
And i see hope hear baby laughter
I see mothers and daughters with a strong bond
I see boys looking up to their fathers
Though it makes me happy
I have a wish deep down inside
That those on the left come to the right
Because no one deserves to be hurt, lonely or depressed

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