Holly Somer

Rookie (7-24-89 / A Hospital)

Holly Somer Poems

1. A Bad Feeling 12/22/2006
2. All Good And One Bad 12/22/2006
3. Break Loose 12/22/2006
4. The Preasures Of Life 12/22/2006
5. Where Do I Belong? 12/22/2006
6. The One 12/22/2006
7. What The Future Holds 12/22/2006
8. Sadness 12/22/2006
9. Bubble 12/23/2006
10. All Alone 12/29/2006
11. True Happiness 12/29/2006
12. I'M Sick Of It All 12/29/2006
13. Double Personality 12/29/2006
14. Unexspected Encounter 12/29/2006
15. On My Own (Song) 12/29/2006
16. Finding Your Dream 12/30/2006
17. Stuck In The Middle 12/30/2006
18. What Is It Like To Be In Love? 12/31/2006
19. Worthless 12/31/2006
20. Life Is Rough 12/31/2006
21. Winter Break Is Over 1/3/2007
22. My Boyfriend 2/18/2007
23. Run Away Fast 3/3/2007
24. Once Missed Now She's Gone And Not Missed One Bit 3/3/2007
25. The Worlds End 3/15/2007
26. Chemicals 3/15/2007
27. Summer 3/15/2007
28. The Dance 4/14/2007
29. Stress 4/20/2007
30. Hate 5/1/2007
31. Warmth 5/11/2007
32. I Swear 6/8/2007
33. Different 6/21/2007
34. They'Ll Never 6/28/2007
35. Lost Boy 7/4/2007
36. Tests 7/10/2007
37. Come To Me 8/1/2007
38. In My Dreams 8/16/2007
39. A New Day 8/25/2007
40. Could Have Been 10/14/2007

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Best Poem of Holly Somer

A Heart Shattering Secret

As the rain drops fall and the wing starts to blow
I found out a secret I never wanted to know
Now I can; t take it I really need to go
Get him name off my sleave
I never want to see his face for the rest of my life
He stabbed into my heart, Unless he comes back to me
I; m going to live my life the way I want.
And I hope he won; t return on his stalking haunt.
Think before you go and do something dumb
If your not careful you could hurt that special one.

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The Preasures Of Life

Everytime I turn on the tv sex is the first thing I see, ' Come on hun join me here in bed he says to me, 'But I; m thinking, 'What are you crazy?
Chorous: ' Although thats not the only thing that goes on in a teens mind', 'Others can ask you things from behind'.
You could just be walking down the street, Then the next thing you know your on the ground from getting beat.
'Repeat Chorous'
Guy: ' Hey whats up babe you want to smoke'?
Girl: 'No thank you pal I; d rather choke'.
Guy: 'Ok fin

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