Muzahidul Reza Home Poems

Sijo: Making Home

Coming out of the ancient caves they saw the birds making nests
Finding pair, living together, laying eggs and rearing chicks;
How beautiful wildlife in simple nests! Inspired them to make home.

To The Home Side River (An Horatian Ode)

(An Horatian Ode To The Home Side River)

O, river, my home tune singing river
I like and love thee more than spring

The Home Land Where Our Ancestors Lived (Nonet)

Home to live in a land is home land
Where lived our ancestors in past,
Toiled in the farmland for bread,
Ate the food which they grew,

Shadorma For Home Made Cake

Shadorma For Home Made Cake
February 23, 2020

Home - Catena Rondo

Home - Catena Rondo
February 25, 2020

On a day in early autumn 2017, beside our village home
At noon,
In the grey-green field I stood
A photographer took some of my photographs,

No Other Place Like Home

I went to king's palace
Ate royal food,
I went to beggar's hut
Found no food;

To My Home-Side River

To My Home-side River
July 26, 2019

O, river! My home-side river

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