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I heard you couldn't sleep.
Couldn't function.
Couldn't eat.
I heard you're scared now.

I guess it's time to make a reintroduction-
It seems that blatantly-
I'm the topic of discussion.
Saying I was somewhere- that I wasn't.

Mind waves come crashing in
Like a tsunami
Foldin' em like origami.
Downloads from the Cosmos

My middle finger has the same authority as my pointer finger, I can pinky swear, and wear it on my ring finger. I can thumbs up, thumbs down, either way that's cool. I can ball them into a mighty fist, and get to correcting that fool... I can relax a bit, slap a bit, when it comes to the competition. Put on baby powder, make the slaps louder- for trying to disrespect my life's mission.

I can do them all, one or two, even one will work. So, come correct when you step to me, f#@k around and get your feelings hurt...

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Once you've cracked the code, you speak in encrypted code, to keep the code's origin sacred. This journey is not for the weak- it never was. It has always been a lesson on the Human experience. A hands-on, crash course that forces us to grow up, branch out, and blossom into the best (or worst) versions of ourselves. It's the WE that does it for me. We are all in the same garden growing at different speeds- all based on our needs being met properly. We tend to gain knowledge fast, but never truly take the time it takes to transform knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom is KEY, and is the slowest because it's the most profound internally intrinsic value that can be achieved by knowing one's self, and accepting the individualized path that we have to share with so many that are like us- but not like anyone we have ever met before. I'm gonna take my time with this- in this lifetime. It took me several lifetimes and a half million years of downloaded data to get to this point in my life. I understand the mishaps of past lives recapped- not wanting to relapse- so I will pace myself until my mission is complete. It's not about who moves the fastest, but those that are still standing in steadfastness, abiding in faith, hope, and love AT ALL TIMES. Only they have the endurance to withstand the tests of time. I am not from where you are from. Just as you, I was planted here. Until I am harvested, I will stay grounded, and firmly rooted in truth... -Kandayia @JagudEye Ali)

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Poetic Justice: 'not Like Us' / 'euphoria' Poetry Challenge...

I heard you couldn't sleep.
Couldn't function.
Couldn't eat.
I heard you're scared now.
Plots and plans were your defeat.
I see you're trying to cover
All that's been said and done.
When the smoke clears
I will be the only one...

I could not pass up the chance
On this challenge.
To slide in the mix,
To wreak havoc and do damage
I told y'all that she is a beast;
A real savage.
I've got many styles,
Many gifts.
How will you manage?

To bring the smoke.
Naw playa, I ain't no joke.
Mess around and get this spiritual fist
Stuck in your throat.
The next time you roll up a tree
And take a toke.
Your silly ass just might choke
And then croak.

This one's for the haters
Way in the back.
That one's for the fake conscious
With spiritual attacks.
Stage left- show's over.
You don't know how to act.
What you stole from me,
You best to believe, I'm getting back.


You thought I was slow.
Throwing stones,
Hiding hands,
Doing dirt,
As if I didn't know.
You had big dreams
For a world without me.
Nightmares, day terrors
For touching on my destiny.

I can hear you
Like I'm right in the room.
The ethers told me
That you've signed your doom.
The ancestors said 'we ride at dawn.'
All heavy hitters;
Go getters.
Nothing but goons.

My skill sets are many.
You want my ammunition -
Well, homey- I got plenty.
In the cut, waiting for you to pop off.
To touch down and leave you shook.
I'm a peaceful person,
I ain't never been soft.
I warned all y'all
About effing with me.
Now the heavens are about to unleash

That's right.
They not like us.
We are not them.
Third eye on beam.
Assassinating jinns.

Earth quakes from my footsteps.
Slayin in the spirit,
Zion's lion in my voice.
Know y'all can hear it.
Energy high vibin' on 'em
Now they all got to feel it...

No more talk,
I'm above all the drama.
Eating all these entities, viciously,
Like a piranha.
Never gave a damn about money.
Now the money's coming to me-
See how it works lil momma?

They tried to chop and screw my life.
Get me caught up in strife
With all the lies.
I kept pushing,
Til the mountains moved.
I ate all the pudding,
What are you trying to prove?
I'm never alone,
And I got nothing to lose....

They not like us.
We are not them.
Don't make me say it again.
We always win...

Go get your crew,
Them Angels on watch.
The whole game is on lock.
What you gone do? ! ?

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Instead of the elites trying to eliminate the red pills- why don't they take one? ! ? It's life changing and conscious opening- 'EYE' promise. 😇 @JagudEye

I can hold my own- stand alone in my faith- and still kick ass in the Ethers. I have never lived or loved for attention- I live AND love intentionally...... -Kandayia

NOTHING OR NO ONE should have you living such a life that you would want to take your own life to get away from the life you're living. -Kandayia

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