The Double Down: Tread Lightly Poem by Iam Kandayia @JagudEye Ali

The Double Down: Tread Lightly

I guess it's time to make a reintroduction-
It seems that blatantly-
I'm the topic of discussion.
Saying I was somewhere- that I wasn't.
Stealing and profiting from
My art forms and productions.
Hell bent on my destruction.
This is what happens,
When they don't properly listen to instructions.

Chosen for this position.
Think that I'd give it up to you?
If you had it hand delivered-
I don't think you'd pull through.
You have to learn to live in a way-
That most won't ever get.
That's why it's easy- for me-
To clear from any set-
You never set right with my spirit,
You never fed my soul,
Only wanted control.

Sacrificed BEFORE being birthed.
With no one's hand to hold.
I vowed to give it all, simply cause I survived.
I will forever move on with my passions with a passion,
Without them, I don't think that I could thrive.
What's inside me, can never be contained by you.
It's like being Venom- compatible with just a few.
So, when we are called.
We step to the roll as such.
We move in silence for a reason-
We walk with legions,
The ones that you can't see or touch.
Ascended Masters, Ancestors, God's and Goddesses.
These entities were with me, from a little kid.
Called imaginary, told that I'd grow out of it.
Now I'm all grown up-
Look what the Most High did.
Still got my spirit team moving through me-
They'll never quit.

If they don't possess your knowledge-
If it's not 'taught' in college-
They won't acknowledge you.
Until they need your wisdom,
They become your biggest fan-
Then start to love bombs too.
When they feel they've drained enough,
Then you're labeled crazy and a 'weirdo'.
Cause they can't stand in spirit,
Or understand how you know- All that you know.
I know that where I am,
They've never been, and they can't go.
Cause it takes a real one-
We don't wear masks, this ain't a show.
When we show up, we fill up the place with undescribable, unmatched energy.
My supernatural powers plus God's force-
Equals an unstoppable source of gangster-
Unapologetic synergy.

Real talk-
I don't have friends, I have family.
If I can't call you fam-
Then I can't rock with thee.
Say what you want, we're all entitled
To our own opinions.
Tread lightly on my dreams-
My dreams manifest into my will's dominions.

So, be careful of who you spit at.
Some of us will fuckin' spit back.
Not only just on top of that-
We're tapped into unlimited knowledge -
When we spit the facts.
Discipline your tongue-
Or you'll be tongue tied.
I don't have to 'get back to you'-
I've chosen a side-
Exposing entities and enemies-
As they get caught in their own-
Friendly fire, based on ego and pride.
The conquers in the divide.
I've already separated -
My stance is justifiably bonafide...

The Double Down: Tread Lightly
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