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I heard you couldn't sleep.
Couldn't function.
Couldn't eat.
I heard you're scared now.

The Double Down: Tread Lightly

I guess it's time to make a reintroduction-
It seems that blatantly-
I'm the topic of discussion.
Saying I was somewhere- that I wasn't.

Paper Or Plastic... Masks

Mind waves come crashing in
Like a tsunami
Foldin' em like origami.
Downloads from the Cosmos

When Disturbed- Become Disturbed...

My middle finger has the same authority as my pointer finger, I can pinky swear, and wear it on my ring finger. I can thumbs up, thumbs down, either way that's cool. I can ball them into a mighty fist, and get to correcting that fool... I can relax a bit, slap a bit, when it comes to the competition. Put on baby powder, make the slaps louder- for trying to disrespect my life's mission.

I can do them all, one or two, even one will work. So, come correct when you step to me, f#@k around and get your feelings hurt...

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