Paper Or Plastic... Masks Poem by Iam Kandayia @JagudEye Ali

Paper Or Plastic... Masks

Rating: 5.0

Mind waves come crashing in
Like a tsunami
Foldin' em like origami.
Downloads from the Cosmos
I'm just modest
I ain't no dummy.
You can't have my avatar
Cause I was made for this.
You can't play the mental games
Cause of my confidence.
You can't steal my shine-
I'm so bright you will get caught.
You can't take my battle scars,
From the wars I've taught.
I'm rough around the edges
Never been your cup of tea.
You say that I'm confusing
You can't read my energy
Maybe you're from Earth
Not the Observable Universe.
I see myself as blessed
You claim that I am cursed.
I know that I'm the best
You think I am the worst.
Where did the hate come from?
When it is in your heart
You try to cover the covetness
That was there from the start.
It isn't hate towards me
But hate that stems from you.
I'm living through my dreams
You forgot yours were true.
You gave up on yourself
And all that you believe.
Now you lash out at me
Hoping that I would grieve.
I mourn the death of people
That has died inside everyday.
That's why when I give you pearls
You hate what I say.
I do this cause I love it
The hate I rise above it
Two tears in a bucket
Yourself you can't trust it...
So, don't get mad at the fact
That you let the world keep
Tell different then what is in you
Being greater.
What you don't see now
You will experience it later
Bitter can't be camouflaged
Love can't be faked.
I've seen it all before
When there's so much at stake.
No one can take my peace
Willing to fight this war.
Three seconds left
And I know I still can score.
You reality doesn't even exist
In my fantasies.
It's only your observation of life's
'Supposed to be.'
How you feel about me
Shouldn't even be 'a thing'
Now, how you feel about you-
You should hear a 'ding-ding! '
Opposites don't always attract
So, please remember that.
Everyone can't be controlled-
We call our power back.
We are standing in our power
You've surrendered yours.
If what you're saying
Doesn't apply to me-
I'm not listening anymore.
Respect what I've become
See it for what it is.
You have no place in my world
That's just the way it is.
You can't fathom my truth
That's just how it is.
I'm secure in my lane
That's just where it is...
If I seem cut throat
It is what it is.
Until I finish this life
I'll own the life I live.
If I don't ask you something
Don't say nothing
Plain as that.
I seek higher council
Your advice ain't where it's at.
If it can't make me better
It will make things badder.
While climbing up this ladder
I know I'll make you madder.
I want you the maddest
While I shoot for the baddest.
Getting these monkeys off my back
With my life still intact.
I won't apologize
For what I chose to be.
You need to pick a side-
Wrong side of prophecy.
So pardon me
Never mind the dust.
I know that when it settles
There will be a few of us-

Paper Or Plastic... Masks
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