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What will happen to change?
Will change change as all things?
Or will it develop immunity

I have always known
That you are interested in me
And I would fall in love with you
That we would be together in this place at this time

Look up to the sky
take a look at the boldness of the sun
behold the brightness of the stars
they hold no grudges

In the dark
Beyond the reach of light
When the day is clothed in black cover
And color, height and size exit the stage

We speak too much of so little
Like we truly know that much of so much
Yet there’s so much
We know so little about

This is not a suicide note
yet not melancholic fate
I do not die
even so I look and lie

This is not a suicide note
Yet not a melancholic fate
I do not die

Until the philosophy
That holds one up
And the other down
Is finally discredited

From Wisconsin the American walked the streets of Lagos
To black Africa welcome, to the pearly continent
Cradle of creation, primordial of civilizations
To the thickest jungles, haven of gigantic elephants

I arrived earlier in time
To witness the great work of creation
When from the dust emerged the first man
I saw the destruction of the Noah’s world

Start her up with school
She’ll end up in tower and power

Give’em to teachers

My eyes on a gorgeous goddess
transfixed, transfigured, I couldn't turn nor twist
by the chants and charm of her hairs and eyes
her eyes like emerald, brighter than Liberian diamonds

the dawn burst thrust through
the belly of the night
wary by the abiding presence
of hosts of milkyway and the mighty moon

Longest night it was
The morning refused to rise
Languidly, it wrapped itself in a dark cover
Morning dew were long overdue

Deliberate late morning wake
sauntering lazily to the restroom
emptying my bowel of the residue of night before
while listening to Nimyel on Rhythm

She is a woman
Cool calm and collected;
If placidly, she tugs and lags
Like a sheep behind every successful shepherd

We walked, whispered under the watchful
Eyes of the moon and the stars
In desolate deserts, gardens, and streets
We were like the last surviving members

I love eye-service
A great deal of sycophancy
I am big on people-pleasing

It's dawn
but the birds are still hanging on the trees
the moon's just leaving the scene
and the sun getting set to rise

I have this feeling
That some things great are about to happen today
That this day is about to go down as one of my best days ever

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I am man who believe in life and living it well.So, i live and help live. I am not of the school of conventional style of writing, i write my poems and other works as they come to me; as i get inspired by what i see hear and feel. I write on all issues that affect humanity, i like poems that are motivational and as well inspirational, sometimes i do write philosophically. i use my works to celebrate people and issues that i am passionate about. i celebrate women a lot in my works, so i write a lot about gender issues and feminism. well, that kind of make me a feminist, but not a hard core one. writing poetry for me is what pregnancy, labour and motherhood is to a woman. I pride myself as human being first and last, i do not really care about race or tribe or tongue or creed, i can not defend those groupings. i am simply human and that's enough identity for me. I am proud to bear my name, IFEDAYO, for me, that's enough. I like to be addressed as just IFEDAYO, a Nigerian, a rich man or any of those contraptions. And i accept all people without regards to race, language and creed. And i believe i am great, handsome and wonderful, because i am human and i am here this moment to fill my space in the cosmic. I think this will do for an unsual profile. need i say more?)

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Will Change Change?

What will happen to change?
Will change change as all things?
Or will it develop immunity
And embrace hypocrisy?
Will change resist change
And go against its doctrinaire?
Why, will change change not
Should nothing be permanent, even change?
Since change is also a thing.

Our world changes daily by seconds
Our lives in the roller-coaster of time
The noon gives way to the moon
The dawn turns dusk
At intersections of these:
One enters, another exits
One moans, another mourns
One rejoices, one regrets
In the spate and space of time;
A jungle becomes a haven
The oblivious became renowned
Riches become ruins
All on the altar of change

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free birds 18 April 2006

This is very thought full.: Will change change' may be yes.

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