I Have Always Known Poem by ifedayo oshin

I Have Always Known

Rating: 3.0

I have always known
That you are interested in me
And I would fall in love with you
That we would be together in this place at this time
That I would feel exactly this way about you
That once I say yes there's no saying no to you
That this thing we have would end in sizzling romance
I have always felt pulled to the aura of your majestic presence
Those Strong arms of yours would wind round my waist some day
Mesmerized by your great speeches
The lyrics, harmony and richness of your words and voice
I have always been taken breathless by
The beauty and depth of your creativity
Lured by the vastness of your wealth and measureless influence
Fascinated by your high-sounding and influential names
Awed by the company you keep
Amazed by those who daily seek your favours
Impressed with your smooth operations
Ever from the first time I met you
I have found you ever so irresistible
As a young-man with no pimpled heart, but dimpled face
I have always known LORD JESUS!
That you and I would be in love for ever
That I would be yours to keep forever

Marieta Maglas 27 December 2012

Good love poem, well expressed feelings

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Omolara Olufemi Stephen 01 November 2012

Simplicity wrapped in elegance.

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Nurain Ali-balogun 24 September 2012

nice poem, good choice of words too.

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Dave Walker 10 March 2012

A really great poem, like it, a great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Hands Of God.

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