I'm Sorry Poem by Ifeoluwa Philips

I'm Sorry

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I'm sorry, if I can't smile to love
I'm sorry, if I can't truly love
I'm sorry if my smile seems lost
I'm sorry if your mind gets in lust
I've been trained to be
If what you have to say is to let you be
Love is owing me thousands of smile
Smiles that I gave in walk of a thousands of miles
I'm sorry if my eyes aren't blinking in love
I'm sorry to tell you that I can't again love
I'm sorry to let you feel alone
I'm sorry if I love indeed to be alone
I have sold my love in 1 penny
Which my soul can't get in return of any
I have sold it also my tears
After thousands of hours soaked in tears
I'm sorry if I can't call you for days
I'm sorry if my words are less for days
I'm sorry I was not made for feelings
I'm sorry though I have all but feelings
I know you are an innocent
But I was then an innocent
I was trapped in my emotions
Thousands of times I paid in pain for my emotions
I'm sorry if you see me not anymore
I'm sorry I can't cuddle you anymore
I'm sorry my love is dead
I'm sorry I buried it cos it was long ago dead
I thought love has a pair
I didn't know I sold it to a wrong pair
All my mind was in filters of pain
Flooding my soul away like a heavy rain
I'm sorry to at first tell you this
I'm sorry I shouldn't have told you this
But I'm sorry that time make you have me
I'm sorry I know how deep you love me
If sun was made for the night
Having all dimes like my might
If the moon was made for the day
I will then come back to love you again
I'm sorry to have once be your sunrise
I'm sorry to have made my mind to rise
I'm sorry to have once be your dreams
The time couldn't help me have you more in my dreams
I have Played my strings in your name
I couldn't have it saved in my name
I played it so hard
Till my strings cut and board really hard
I'm sorry. Couldn't play anymore
I'm sorry m strings couldn't sound in love anymore
I'm sorry time to wait has gone
I'm sorry I have to go far father than the shot gun.

I'm Sorry
Sunday, August 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: emotions
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