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Here they come,
With their mischief
arousing now and then
they torture them and

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Nightmare At Daytime

Here they come,
With their mischief
arousing now and then
they torture them and
vandalize their properties
I thought they were supposed to lead them,
and prioritize their plight.
But they have made it a delight
to torture them after their exploits.

Oh how sad! I mean how sad?
That the kinsman of the lamb
Conspires with these toxic persons
And victimize the lamb
There might be deficiency
In their endowed conscience
Refusing to recall from ancience
That the lion fights with efficacy
Why then has the lion refuse to
fight for himself?

Pew pew pew
From afar we hear the cries
Of the vulnerable
echoing through the skies
trading calmness for ripple.
The woes of Mombasa,
the predicaments of Burundi
and the agonies meted to Kigali
are now invited to the land
as peace is ceded to war.

No arrest so far
The entities are
but dumb and null.
Who once upon a time
Worked with diligence and glim,
have now allowed themselves to begrimed
as the lamb faces unlimited grim.

In the morning, those nation wreckers
Come to make their evil glow
With no sign of remorsefulness,
They defend their evil course
They have made that conspiracy game
An epitome of evil

But the lamb will see justice
Upon hearing the clarion
When once the lion
Responds to the master's call
To account for his course
Against the innocent scullion

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Life is full of struggles. You only regret when you never strived for something not when you strived in futility.

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