Tales Of The Night Poem by KOFI AGYARE NTIRI

Tales Of The Night

How I wish night never falls
To retire to my bed
for a restless sleep
Packed with moments of doom
with my eyes unable to close
To get a respite
From a tiring day

Uneasiness sets in
Like someone thrown into hell fire
Once nightfall comes packing
into the beautiful space of day
Causing me to revisit
my disappointment, plight and sorrows
of the day
With no peace
As crickets chirp
To add onto my woes

Nightfall comes with nightmares
of regrettable omens
The time lingers on
Not wanting to move
for the day to come
And save me from a voodooed night
Full of ominous nightmare
That haunts my being
Amidst the lingering time
Not wanting to move
To allow the day
Correct the anomalies of the night
For calmness and hope to be restored

How I wish night never falls
That I may have a full day
Where dreams are nurtured
And brought to a world of fruition
That I may have no moment
Of sombre, darkness, and mystery
How I wish night never falls

Tales Of The Night
Tales of the night is a poem that delves into grave and dreadful experiences of the night. It talks about how people return to their homes after a tedious day of work and how they are unable to sleep. This is because the night forcibly gives them unacceptable offers of having to think about pressing issues of sorrow, disappointment and their plights. Nightfall symbolises sorrow and hopelessness and the persona and any other person seems not to take delight in the night. To the persona, he wished nightfall never comes so that he is not haunted by the mysteries of the night. Unfortunately, daytime that appears to be the persona's saviour has decided to tarry leaving the persona with no option than to that a restless night having to deal with his ordeals and the disturbances from night insects which intensifies his predicaments.
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