Isabella Night

Rookie (June 25th / USA)

Isabella Night Poems

1. Separating Our Love 11/29/2008
2. Romeo & Juliet 11/29/2008
3. The Heart Of The Matter 11/29/2008
4. The Royal Prick Of The Heart 11/29/2008
5. I'M Sorry That I Hurt You 11/29/2008
6. Forbbiden 11/30/2008
7. Reassurance 12/1/2008
8. Night's Gift 12/1/2008
9. Leave While You Still Can 12/1/2008
10. Falling Down A Mountain 3/23/2009
11. Steadfast 3/30/2009
12. Eye On The World 4/9/2009
13. Gv-Ge-Yu-I 4/29/2009
14. Lost Hope 6/18/2009
15. Act On Your Impulse 6/18/2009
16. My Blue Canvas 6/18/2009
17. Open Eyes 6/18/2009
18. Last Thoughts 12/26/2009
19. Hear Me 1/16/2010
20. Unknown 2/28/2010
21. My Forever Shining Star 2/28/2010
22. Mi Cariña 8/7/2010
23. Dying In Secrecy 12/3/2008
24. Kill Me Painfully 12/4/2008
25. The Rebirth 12/28/2011
26. Love Meets Beauty 2/14/2012
27. Flight 12/30/2012
28. Haunting Love 12/26/2008
29. Blind To Change 12/2/2008
30. The Princess And The Knight 3/23/2011

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Best Poem of Isabella Night

The Princess And The Knight

Shattered and broken
Loved then forgotten
Used and abused
Appreciated then taken for granted
A child left abandoned
No one to hear her cry
Wounds go deeper than skin
Cries for love led to unwanted things
Wandering around this naked earth
Exposed for all the world to see
Blind, they are blind
Who will ever see me?

No, no, ...
Don't pick me up
Who are you? Put me down.
I can't let you see...
'My princess, it's me. Let me heal you, I can.'
'No, sir Knight. I'm too broken to understand.'

'Understand this...
I see your beauty, both ...

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Lord help him understand...
What part of forever don't you get?
Young I may be...but naive I am not.
I don't trust easily.
Love is not a world I use lightly.
Nor is it an emotion I give out to just anyone.
When I said forever, I meant it!
Love is an addiction: one I will never give up.
I am bound to it, I crave it...

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