Isabella Night

The Princess And The Knight

Shattered and broken
Loved then forgotten
Used and abused
Appreciated then taken for granted
A child left abandoned
No one to hear her cry
Wounds go deeper than skin
Cries for love led to unwanted things
Wandering around this naked earth
Exposed for all the world to see
Blind, they are blind
Who will ever see me?

No, no, ...
Don't pick me up
Who are you? Put me down.
I can't let you see...
'My princess, it's me. Let me heal you, I can.'
'No, sir Knight. I'm too broken to understand.'

'Understand this...
I see your beauty, both in and out.
Don't try to tell me differently
Because I haven't a doubt.
Too long have I lived in fear
Protecting my own heart
Always keeping it near.
I saw you fallen;
An angel without wings.
I saw something special,
And many other things.
They were all fools,
Blind to your passion.
Out of pure love and desire,
A ring shall I fashion.
It is but a symbol of how much I care,
All I ask is for your heart to lay bare.
Give me your trust,
I will not let you down.
My princess, my princess
Accept my crown.'

'A fool's errand you've been sent.
Words wasted, as is the breath you've spent.
I'm worthless, so worthless
What good is an angel without wings?
I cannot lift myself off the ground!
Too broken for too long,
I'm shattered beyond repair.
Runaway, sir Knight.
Don't succumb to my despair...'

'Listen, my love,
Listen well.
To a tale I pray you one day will tell.
A princess, my angel
Fallen from above,
Lost her wings, she can't find them;
She lost them to love.
They found their way to my heart;
They carried my soul
To the place where she lay,
Down deep in a hole.
So I picked her up, while she looked so defeated
And vowed to be everything that she ever needed.
She fought and she fought
Till I fixed what remained,
Of a heart once shattered
Now mine to maintain.
Accept it, fair maiden
For fate has shown,
Just exactly what happens when love is grown.
I promise you I will love you more than any other,
We will always seek love in one another.
Take this leap with me,
Why? Because I love you.
Say you'll do it,
Let me hear you say, 'I do'.'

'I do.'

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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