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Ishmael Mabhiza is young strong willed man with passion for social entrepreneurship, leadership and impacting people's lives positively. He studied literature in both Ordinary and Advanced level education. He is a proud holder of a Honors degree in Industrial Relations from the Great Zimbabwe University. He also is a Human Resources Management and ...

Ishmael Mabhiza Poems

His Plan For You

Waking up is not voluntary
Nor breathing is not granted willy nilly
Like dew all can drift
Your carcase from the ground will not lift

The Way Out

When things are hard
When you are totally confused
All your relatives agree to diverge from you
When all that you eat is tasteless

The Legend

NOVEMBER 11,2016
They say Education is the Key
Lucky Dube confirms The Love of Life is Contained in Education


As my words fly out my larynx
I never knew they have got a body
When I thought there is no fix-
They created a man with a body

What Are You

Born and bred in poverty
Ideas and plans have no identity
In all your vision you feel pity
Your dreams are always hefty

Ishmael Mabhiza Quotes

13 May 2017

Corruption is not an act; it is a mentality.

29 May 2017

A human beings mind can be bag of trash or cubicle of Gold.

29 May 2017

A human beings mind can be bag of trash or cubicle of Gold.

03 July 2017

You have the power to change your background!

08 August 2017

The right day to pray is the day before you die.

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