J.D. Crockett

Rookie (07/04/1989)

J.D. Crockett Poems

1. Change 12/3/2007
2. Fooled Me Twice 12/3/2007
3. Jagged 12/3/2007
4. Keep Going 12/3/2007
5. Real Love 12/3/2007
6. Simple Goodbyes Are Best 12/3/2007
7. What Is Love? 12/3/2007
8. Let Me In 1/2/2008
9. What Is Pain? 1/14/2008
10. What Do We Need? 1/15/2008
11. Delemma 5/8/2008
12. Shaken 8/3/2008
13. Alone 9/3/2008
14. No One Is Innocent 9/8/2008
15. Love Coming Soon? 11/10/2008
16. My Heart 11/10/2008
17. The Corny Poem 11/16/2008
18. Stuck With Me 11/21/2008
19. True Beauty 1/17/2009
20. Changes In Me 1/17/2009
21. My Babygirl 4/19/2009
22. I'M Truly Sorry 11/1/2009
23. Thoughts During An Evening By The Fire. 1/9/2010
24. Ghost Of You 12/3/2007
25. In My Head 12/3/2007
26. Ode To My Regrets. 1/15/2010
27. Love Is Like A Blue Bird 1/15/2010
28. Why Won'T The Memories Fade? 5/8/2008
29. What Can You Say? 9/27/2008
30. Love The Devil Outta Me 12/22/2007
31. A Kings Game 12/3/2007

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Best Poem of J.D. Crockett

A Kings Game

blurs of white flying by
losers emit a mournful cry
a comeback from when they trail
winners give a triumphant yell

the crack of wood against the ball
two champs playing for it all
its not a bat that they do swing
but a paddle doth glory bring

spins and curves flying over the net
win it all game match and set
for this is the true sport of a king
this is the sport that is called ping............ pong

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Ghost Of You

You plauge my every dream
every night I toss and turn
memories drifting from my awake
to haunt my subconscious mind

while I sleep you fill my every sense
the smell of your perfume fills my nose
wafting in the air and drifting straight to my soul
just like a ghost of you

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