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when you sing the sweet melodies
mine will be the discordant voice
hold you by the scruff of the neck
repeatedly shaking the conscience

there is a poet
embedded in every prophet

taste the caustic poetry

the village torn apart
incessant quarrels everywhere
the village head drunk
his wife picking quarrels

bits of betting cards
strewn on the floor
like confetti
bits of fractured dreams

in the trenches together yesterday
burying comrades in shallow graves
burying kith and kin in shallow graves
the tree of freedom by blood watered

thought we were in it together
thought we were our own liberators
thought you were driven by altruism
did not know of latent mercenary tendencies

hear the beautiful tapestry
woven from the consciousness
see the images of freedom
that undulating beat

bereft of dreams
dreams bashed by truncheons
dreams under the jackboots
jack boots of the philistines

in the slime and grime
in the grinding poverty
in the havens of deprivation
in the heart of desperation

a dry barren wind of graft
blowing across this continent

nations in turbulence

plunged again into melancholy
engulfed by giant waves of despair
still pursuing it with maniacal zeal
my shadow dogs me continually

and when the artist speaks
through the deft brush strokes
on the canvas
through the chipping chisel

you are brought before this court
you are charged with serious offences
multiple counts of not speaking
not speaking for the voiceless

where children are not robbed
robbed of their childhood

where the AK 47 is not a toy

when the goddess eros calls
no option but obey her decrees
i will be willing to be sweetly chained
for your charms are irresistible

the rousing welcome
that we still remember
we did welcome you
with all the bountiful smiles

after the storm
after the thunder
after the lightning bolts
after the downpour

the land between those rivers
the zambezi to the north
the limpopo to the south
the land of my birth

this song is new
for this song is old
this song has been sung before
this song shall always be sung

toss out the counterfeit coin
for it is just hogwash

aim bayonet thrusts

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poet, teacher, ex magistrate, human resources practitioner, legal practitioner, writer in general)

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Discordant Voice

when you sing the sweet melodies
mine will be the discordant voice
hold you by the scruff of the neck
repeatedly shaking the conscience
the conscience you now trample
under the jackboot of your gullibility
drenched by the water cannons of fear

see the rising storms of poverty
desperation walking along the streets
hunger thunder rumbling in the bellies
the mountains of hopelessness rising
lives decimated by scythes of diseases
hoping that the sun will shine once more
that there will be reverberations of laughter

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i am the fire no fire brigade can extinguish

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Jabulani Mzinyathi Popularity

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