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Jack Ashenden Poems

1. That Which We All Fear 5/27/2005
2. Death By Poetry 6/3/2005
3. A Mistress 6/16/2005
4. Phantom's Father 6/16/2005
5. Immortal? 5/27/2005
6. The Perverse 5/27/2005
7. A Reformed World 5/27/2005
8. A Twisted, Fractured Flight For Freedom 5/27/2005
9. Love 9/29/2005
10. Beautiful Soul 3/1/2006
11. No Mistress 3/1/2006
12. Misery My Fate? 3/4/2006
13. Righteous Repression 3/5/2006
14. Without My Tongue 3/5/2006
15. Reborn 5/8/2006
16. School 5/11/2006
17. Amira 6/16/2007
18. Unravelled World 5/27/2005
19. Blinding Tears 3/4/2006
20. Guilt Poem 3/1/2006

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Guilt Poem

Guilt, a passion of the prideful soul
Does act as a shield to the grim reality
Spiritually, we are all unwhole
Victims of materialism, mere earthly fatalities.

We tell ourselves we are good
Kind, respectful, worthy of respect
Yet although goodness may once have stood
All that we are rot doth affect.

An inability to work
To concentrate on things of import
Shows that inside we hurt
Pleasures we indulge a last resort

Are we still good, still pure as snow?
The simple answer is clearly NO.

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Though time may decay your youthful features,
and dark nicotine lines furrow your brow,
your smile will remain like the miniatures
you create with infallible know how.
Though wracked with the horrid pain of old age
our legs may keel and our arms lose strength,
your inner power will remain on page,
a testament to those who loved a friend.
Amazing futures lie ahead for us

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