Jack Ashenden

Jack Ashenden Poems

1. That Which We All Fear 5/27/2005
2. Death By Poetry 6/3/2005
3. A Mistress 6/16/2005
4. Phantom's Father 6/16/2005
5. Immortal? 5/27/2005
6. The Perverse 5/27/2005
7. A Reformed World 5/27/2005
8. A Twisted, Fractured Flight For Freedom 5/27/2005
9. Love 9/29/2005
10. Beautiful Soul 3/1/2006
11. No Mistress 3/1/2006
12. Misery My Fate? 3/4/2006
13. Righteous Repression 3/5/2006
14. Without My Tongue 3/5/2006
15. Reborn 5/8/2006
16. School 5/11/2006
17. Amira 6/16/2007
18. Unravelled World 5/27/2005
19. Guilt Poem 3/1/2006
20. Blinding Tears 3/4/2006

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Best Poem of Jack Ashenden

Blinding Tears

Responsibility, a heavy load
ways me down, and makes me feel the pressure
action, words - politics all a code
and people's actions, all I must measure

the things I have seen fill me with wonder
those I have met, quite often a pleasure
but below the surface, throwing all asunder
corruption can be found, justice weaker than a feather

so much I have heard in my very few years
I view all with cynical suspicion.
more than once I've had to wipe away tears.
To see the world's goodness, I haven't permission

Yet I must remember I'm only seventeen
and ...

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A Mistress

A mistress is the poet's ultimate desire,
only she can bring creativity to fullest fire.
A poet without a mistress is incomplete,
and perfect writing an impossible feat.
Within me a poet's love is ready to burst
twisted in absence of love's sweetest curse.
A mistress is the poet's ultimate desire
I must find her soon, before I tire.

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