Cherokee Prayer Poem by jack green

Cherokee Prayer

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The sun slowly rises in the east as the morning mist gives way.
The generations gathered to celerbrate the cycles, to feast, dance and pray.
Our fathers kept tradition all arrived to this same hallowed ground.
Like all of their fathers before brave yet peaceful and profound.
Stolen was their native tradition all customs everything they owned.
Cast to the westward wind starved, poisened and without a home.
My fathers now have gone home to a place that cant be taken.
This generation has the duty to remember the Cherokee Nation.

Dave Walker 03 January 2012

Really love this, a really great poems, one of the best i've read.

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Robert Beck 28 October 2012

My wife was half Cherokee and she had many stories that her father and aunt passed on to her. A great poem Jack.

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Karen Sinclair 22 October 2012

Here, here! this brought a tear to my eye, i can never think of these people without hurting for the injustice, yet feeling pride also at their braveness, so many thoughts dance through my mind and so many faces gaze out of sepia paper stored in my minds eye...tyvm

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Charles Darkly 11 January 2012

Powerful poem, and one that resonates with this Yakama and Choctaw native. ;)

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(De Va) 10 January 2012

ohhhhhh, and it does work for all natives that have been invaded by wandering tribes of those who think they have a right to take from others....smiles...

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(De Va) 10 January 2012

this is truly a vision of reality. Living in Choctaw Nation, I am surrounded by visuals of what has been done in the name of prosperity. You are a very talented human....great write...blessings...DeVa

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jack green

jack green

Chattanooga, Tennessee
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