Too Old For Tears Poem by jack green

Too Old For Tears

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Many are days weeks and years.
Now am too old for salty tears.
Sadness replaced the youthful dreams.
Lost time won the battle to me it seems.
The older I get the duller the edge.
Treading lightly on this geriatrics ledge.

Looking back I was a reckless rebel.
Tempting fate with my endless revel.
The price paid was too damn steep.
My reward is waking from my sleep.
To add another sandy grain to my pile.
And wait my certain demise after while.

Valerie Dohren 16 July 2012

Getting old is not much fun - but we're all on the same track. Short, to the point, and well written poem.

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Unwritten Soul 03 November 2012

Beautiful poem, so emotional but it raised with wise....too old for tears but too human to not ignore some..its a life and that a part of our moment..tears not get aged by time because it belong to heart and feelings..but only wise can control and balance the thing deep inside..well written, loved it_Soul

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Jahan Zeb 01 November 2012

The poem is melodious. You want to read it for it sweet rhythm. The rhythm is so sweet. The message is a harsh reality but true and unstoppable. I liked the contrast in; Sadness replaced the youthful dreams. I really like. Poetic and of literary values.

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Roong S 28 October 2012

A great poem there..wonderfully written! But you are too young to talk old.

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Robert Beck 27 October 2012

A great little poem Jack, I've been standing on the geriatrics ledge for years and it ain't scary any more.

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Heather Wilson 24 July 2012

A great poem, I guess we are lucky if we get old and not fall by the wayside. thanks for the interesting read.

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jack green

jack green

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