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sitting alone with nowhere to go
ignoring the static from the radio
that interrupts my favorite song
haven’t loved it in so long

I wore these blue jeans when
I laughed
so many of my friends
have seen me laugh

This is dedicated in loving memory of Taylor Hyer, who sadly passed away as an eighth grader. We all miss him. It was read by the principal to students, parents, and teachers on April 6,2007 at a tree planting in his memory. I am very honored to have Taylor's friends and family hear it.

There is nothing more beautiful than a good deed
a person who can stand up and take the lead

I've been in this scene so many times
coming back to the very same place
I see the world's creative lines
etched into and around your face

I have scars
from where I forced you to hold me

Note: this song is about the same person that 'Shallow Water' is dedicated to.

you don't know me
and in your case, more importantly,

it's like wanting to cry
but finding that you ran out of tears
a long time ago
it's like sitting for hours

nobody can hurt you
as long as I'm around
if they try to keep you down
I'll get you off the ground

Forget him, you speak to me
you give me words and music to prove

Written on 12/16/06

you walk through the walls of my heart
in past lives they’ve been shallow and cold

you can tell me that I'm not good enough
that I deserve to die
that I shouldn't even try
but you can't hold me down

Dear Love,
the disease my heart is dying of
show yourself in purest form
let my soul be calm and warm

sits on the sidelines
the shots ring out loud
watches the smoke clear
pushes through the crowd

another dream about you
another disappointment
when I wake up and I find
that I have lost this love to time

I'd give anything
not to have this blood at my feet
not to have this much regret
and memories of grim defeat

paying the price
a blank page staring back at me
what to say?
taking the hardest hits

are you a door you close forever,
or should I leave you wide open...
for possibilities to come as time ticks on?
if I don't hear you leave, are you really gone?

I have never felt so much at one time...
anger, sadness, love, jealousy.

emotions are filling me up

I don't think I truly understand
the value of the pen and the paper in my hand
or the gift of simply reminiscing
and knowing there aren't any pieces missing

flowing strands of glass...
impossible unless seen with more than your eyes
times that have come to pass
reflect themselves before me as the ocean sighs

Jade Leven Biography

When I was little I used to write books all the time. In fourth grade I won a 'Young Author's Award' through a local University for a story I wrote and entered in a contest. I have since then written two novels that sadly haven't been published, 'The Flaw Factory' (science fiction) and 'Finding Jacey' (fantasy) . I hope to get them published someday. I have been writing song lyrics and poetry sice I was nine years old. I write two poems a day at the least, and it truly is my passion. My mom always wanted to be a writer, but never accomplished that dream. I hope that someday I can accomplish it for both of us. When I grow up I hope to have a career in both writing and in the music business. I am currently taking singing lessons and I have been playing the viola for five years through the city's school music program, which I will continue to do. I love music so much it's almost scary. I sang in the talent show this year, and that's when I realized that I love being on stage. I'm not trying to be stuck up or anything. It's not really that I love people to hear me. In fact, I loved it because the spotlight was on me, but the lights were out...they could see me but I couldn't see them. I felt like I was alone in my room singing to myself. It felt so good. I pay more attention to the lyrics of songs than most people, which I guess is why I'm a poet AND a songwriter. Words can be so powerful. But so can music. I think the point of all songs is to make the listener feel something through the words AND the music. Here are some artists/groups that made me feel something and I think everyone should hear: Death Cab for Cutie The Postal Service Evanescence Rachael Yamagata Vanessa Carlton Patty Griffin Imogen Heap Keane Regina Spektor Now that you have the opportunity to be musically influenced, GO DO IT! Bye! :) P.S. Everything I write is dedicated to my friends with all my heart.)

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White Funeral

sitting alone with nowhere to go
ignoring the static from the radio
that interrupts my favorite song
haven’t loved it in so long

some say love is a foolish thing
and although not in all cases
i can’t help but agree
with the smarter majority

so many weddings
just white funerals
a hand to hold
for the rest of her life
open to the bliss
and the carelessness
be careful, more careful
does it still feel right

i’ll apologize in all the places
where i frowned at all the smiling faces
i just wonder if that will be me
with a wedding dress and a history

so much thought in an august moment
i’m living in my favorite season
but winter’s here, and taking control
as we let the rest of our days unfold

so many weddings
just white funerals
someone she barely knows
becomes her life
open to neglect
and disrespect
that comes with the one
she loved last night

i think of someone i know
better than anyone
i think i’ll be more optomistic
when this is done
can’t help but to think
that my white funeral
won’t be a funeral at all
because i know him
she doesn’t know him

so many weddings
just white funerals
but i’m so glad
that won’t be mine
open to his
fuffilled promises
he knows who i am
we’ll be fine

the white funeral is over
the bride’s been burried
in her own mistake

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