Rookie (2-19 / HEAVYN aka Inner-city)


1. I Stand 6/9/2007
2. Addicted 6/9/2007
3. Life's Lessons 6/13/2007
4. I Can'T 6/17/2007
5. Whateva... 6/17/2007
6. My Boy 6/12/2007
7. Midnight Whispers 6/12/2007
8. New Beginnings 6/12/2007
9. What Is Love? 6/12/2007
10. Adhd 6/12/2007
11. Just Dazing... 6/12/2007
12. Dreams 6/12/2007
13. My Ultimate Escape 6/12/2007
14. Disrespected 6/12/2007
15. Candy Shoppe 6/12/2007
16. My Heart Will Mend 6/12/2007

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My Heart Will Mend

My heart will mend
It’s only a minor set back
I have to look ahead
And make sure I stay on track.

It’s not about him anymore
I have to see this through.
Only concentrating on me
and my Rug-Rats it's hard
only because it’s new.

I feel real good I’d like to thank you
for giving me the chance to experience hell.
Not many people not even a few have the courage
to stand/speak and then to tell about theirs.

The pain and sadness that must return
each and every time you make yourself known
I’m here and your not out of sight
out of mind is ...

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I Can'T

I can’t make you love me
I can’t change the way you are
I guess you’d rather be free
even though you’re not that far.

What’s going to happen when you’re
finished and my life has just begun.
Do you think I’d take you back
once you’ve decided that you’re done?

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