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Smile when you are in pain
Smile when nothing to gain
Smile when you are sad
Smile when you are mad

If love is like a dove
Then rage is like a cage.
What keeps you from doving me?
It's my cage as you can see.

Once we were a stranger
From the far distance linger
Asked me and I don't bother
Tell me and I'll remember

How glad is my heart having you in the altar
I thought my dreams are obscure and far
You are the eternal gift my heart desires
I can love you until the end of the stars


Aduna koy sulat nabuhat para nimo,
Di lang nako isugilon kay maulaw ko
Atoa lang ning duha kung pwede ra,
Ay akoa lang diay ni kay masuko ka

You are the woman of the hour
Your strides light your path
It makes my heart light
The wave of your hair vibrates

Tudloan tika kung unsaon pagpatay
Sakit nga paagi'g klarong magdugay

Tusloka ang mata, isiguro ang duha

Walay makasakna ning akong gugma
Nakigbisog kanunay sa mga turpada
Nabanal na kini's samad nga nakuha
Naghupot kini sa pali sa gugma

Heal me my sadness
Heal me with kiss
Touch me with tenderness
Hug me with bliss

So long my fair damsel
So long we haven't met
So long I might forget
The sleekness of your hair, the elegance that it brings.

Your eyes are pearls twined together
Melted with passion, molded with tender
I can't bear to stare the glare they share
They act like snares in a form of ware

On a tragic uncertainty, I fin'ly found my nepenthe
The vibrance of her hair expunge the least of my ire
I ain't know why! Oh my! Here and hear this cry!
The melody of her voice brings chills to my poise

A night with full of love and lust
Intensed on every trace and trust
Sweat was sweet on my parched lips
I thrived and thrilled holding'er hips

Dear Maria Flowera Torresa,

I would like to tell you that...


Love can be full of enigma but lust gives me dilemma. It excites and satisfies; betrays and kills.
On the deepness of blue (knowing me my hue) , gray has no room. Existent but neglected.
Veil me with your trust, it unveils me my discord then this blue dilemma would be destined with gray.
Empty me my cup of rage, fill me with your nature's tenderness and let us share the wine with gladness.

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Smile when you are in pain
Smile when nothing to gain
Smile when you are sad
Smile when you are mad
Smile when you are in shame
Smile when nothing to blame
Smile and always smile
Life is for a while.

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