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Sunny America

The dawn was arising,
as my toes gently graced the land
which the buffalo grazed.
The shade of the tall trees
Both a manufactured wind and
A Promise of a new voice.
The dawn was arising,

The sun, at its mightiest,
Fought with fatigue as the brothers
Broken promises
My toes, trembled on an earthquake
One foot away from the other
They were to begin the first steps
With new shoes and new souls
The sun, at its mightiest,

The horns, awaken my tired eyes
As my toes concentrated on the cement,
Which ...

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Face Of Forgotness

As I write this,
I am drowning into the night
My eyes are seducing
My brain to flight.
My fingers are insisting
No reason be right
But in the midst of falling
My dreams hold tight.