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Some say she's bitter,
some say she's sweet.
They know her by her shimmer,
Oh how sometimes her crime can be so neat.

I've waited for the longest time for my dream to come true..
Now it's right here, standing before me. with his arms rubbing my shoulders ever so gently,
as he kisses down my neck with such compassion.
It makes me nervous what to expect next and how i would ever react.

In the darkest of shadows, you will know who i am,
Only you will never know what i am.
A monster, as most people would say,
as they whine and beg for me to come out and play.


Such a crime, takes so much time.
He was like a brother to me...Not anymore
he is now my worst enemy.

D'hiver, comme ci froid
joue comme ci shaud.

Where ever you go,

Wondering where the never ending road goes,
running along the childhood path
as i followed the sunrise when it rose.

As much as we were so in love, no one could be perfect, not even a dove.
I promised you love, You promised me salvation. Somehow our deal couldn't work out, so we had to Seize our destination.

I explained to you my future goals,

Swing me To The Sky,
while time fly's by,
on a beautiful Saturday,
spread my wings

Your voice, filled with such suspense
makes me feel so intense.

Your eyes that look me deep in the eye,

Dear, Death...
It's been a while since we've talked face to face,
but no need to rush your pace.
I been stuck here in this same place,

In the beginning, oh how i remember
how deeply i was in love with you.
No matter all you put me through.

Every night she cried,
every sight, she'd sworn she died.

She never saw the beauty of the ugly world, not

They come for me, making me feel
like i am nothing.
They come for me, leaving
me out.

I lay on the bathroom floor passed out,
as if i haven't gotten any sleep for weeks and about.

Not worrying about time,

I am strapped to the hospital bed, stripped to nothing
crying, screaming yelling and revealing my everything.
My realistic Visions show me but a black space,
shadows surrounding every last bit of my body,

It started lovely..we were happy.
Things went well...
A little too swell,
but not even i could tell...

The simplest feeling known to woman-kind,
the feel of a feather upon my shoulder.
His Phenomenal Touch
upon the soft lips of mine,

Something tells me that you don't understand
exactly where it is that i came from.
I came from what was once a home where i sat in joy,
now just an empty memory in i run from the empty house full of sorrow.

Blackness surrounded us like a swarm of flies
in which were casted up from satan's layer,
or shall i say...your home.
All you ever could ever do was tell me lies after lies.

Let the rain fall from the sky,
let it keep my sins dry.
Let the rain fall from the sky,
help me remember lost memories,

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Hello everyone! I'm Katellyne, and i am 17 years old in high school. Throughout my life, i had struggled a lot and have been in many different scenarios. I've went through lots of emotional and self changes throughout my life, so i write about things i've gone through, and how i feel/felt. Feel free to message me if you have any questions, i am completely open about myself.)

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Murder In Her Eyes

Some say she's bitter,
some say she's sweet.
They know her by her shimmer,
Oh how sometimes her crime can be so neat.

She makes her enemies real slick,
she makes her friends so easily.
Although her enemies slaughter is real quick,
but she's a generous person, really.

The murder in her eyes
reveals her disguise,
The taste of her enemies blood,
she cannot recognize.
She seeks for revenge
For only those who caused her agony and avenge.

The murder shows who she truly is.
The sweet girl with a bloody blade in her hand.
Her enemies dead body laying on the floor
as she laughs and hounds as her enemies body rots to the core.

The murder in her eyes is severe...
Something that nobody dares to conquer

They laughed at her in the past,
She knew their life's wouldn't last.
The murder in her eyes hides the tides of her personality
for her enemy's, she loves to rec their reality.

No one ever thought she could do that.
Until they saw her true disguise which showed the murder...
Murder in her eyes.

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Amy Marie 10 February 2010

You seem cool... I like how you think you were not born soon enough... I can relate to that feeling ;)

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James Grayson 29 January 2010

i real enjoyed reading ur stuff, u hav a way with words for sum1 so young. my fav was Dream, that was a nice one. i liked it. im sori but i couldnt read Rape, not because but things like that make my blood boil, no one should ever have 2 go thru that or anything like it. I'll shush bout it tho cos i'll rant on bout that all day lol yea ur reali good, i'll keep an eye out for any new ones. Im new on here so could u do me a favour n read mine n let me kno please n if u can add friends on here add me cos im new n dont hav a clue how 2 use it lol how long hav u been writing then?

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