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You can tell a Cheshire Cat
By the size of his grin
You cannot help but love him
Even though he wants to sin

I had never felt grief before
But it came like a bolt of lightening
It took me out of the blue
I had never felt anything so frightening

The first time I came under fire
I didn’t have any fear
I just heard the crack and whistle
As bullets passed my ear

I live in a landscape where deer cavort
So I often stop and pause for thought
And relish within the sweet fresh air
Or the wind and rain, or summers glair

My Deity

I could never love another
The way that I love you

When I was young, life was fun
And filled with sunny days.
I’d not a care and all was fair
My youth was a blissful haze.

You’re still young, but soon you'll grow
And find the way you want to go
So choose a path that keeps you well
Within this world in which we dwell

It's O' so very early, but the Sergeant Major said
At Zero 6 each morning I must leave my cosy bed
I'm not an early bird, so I think it's fair to say
That I'm not really conscious until later in the day

Gemma lived in a world of her own
Where she played the leading role
A raconteur of the first degree
But with a darkened austere soul!

The poppy serves as a reminder
Of those who've gone before
Those who fell in battle
And the innocents of war

Thank you Mr Blair
For sending me to war
I’m sure it did me good
As I’d not seen one before

The boy from Edinburgh
Liked the Texan’s style
George said “I’m Conservative”
Tony just gave a smile

I’m me myself and I
I think that’s plain to see
So if I was someone else
Who would I be?

Love is by far the most difficult, of all emotions to bear

To find that special someone, with whom your life to share

We're watching you slowly drift away
Lost in your inner mind
Searching for those memories
Which are harder and harder to find

Peace, hope and happiness returned to us today
With the surrender of Germany, on the 8th of May

And although we've still got Japan to beat

The kittens Neville and Arthur
Came just as the lockdown struck
It couldn't have been better timing
A serendipitous stroke of luck

James S Newcomb Lang Biography

I think I'm am an ordinary bloke, but with an abundance of passion. I write because it gives me pleasure to do so and because I enjoy words in both the written and oral form. I have known euphoria and I have known pain. I have seen and heard things that I wish I hadn't. My mind is my own nemesis, as I cannot switch it off. I usually find sleep difficult! I have served and been in conflict. I still believe in true love. My pet hate, is people promoted beyond their ability (The Peter principle) .)

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The Cheshire Cat

You can tell a Cheshire Cat
By the size of his grin
You cannot help but love him
Even though he wants to sin

For he has the kind of smile
That says, come on and play
And when he starts to purrr
He can take your breath away

When he nuzzles with his nose
Then licks you with his tongue
Even though you know you should
You cannot turn and run

Because his eyes they are hypnotic
They put you in a trance
Sometimes he makes you want to sleep
He can even make you dance

You never know what next he’ll do
Unpredictable is his name
However you’ll always enjoy yourself
When you play the Cheshire game

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James S Newcomb Lang Popularity

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